Pathfinders Recovery Center Highlights Phoenix Mens Rehab Service and More

Scottsdale, Arizona -

Pathfinders Recovery Center, based in Scottsdale, AZ, wants to emphasize its proximity to the city of Phoenix and the suitability of its Scottsdale facilities as a destination for men looking for drug or alcohol detoxes in Phoenix. Taking a break from the bigger metropolitan area to look for a rehab with a men’s program and high councilor-to-client ratio can have a significant impact. Finding a rehab center that accepts health insurance in Phoenix can also be difficult, which is why the Admissions team at Pathfinders wants prospective clients to know that their facility accepts most major US insurance carriers. And they also want to inform those who are interested that their facility is also conveniently located close to Tempe. Thus, they are inviting men in that area who are struggling with substance addiction to ask about their services.

Meanwhile, they also want to highlight the importance of medical detox for alcohol. Alcoholism is a major cause of preventable death in the US, resulting in more than 80,000 deaths every year. The detox phase of treatment is where the body is getting rid of its dependence on alcohol and the withdrawal symptoms can be truly unpleasant, such as: sweating; tremors (shakes); insomnia (difficulty sleeping); nausea and vomiting; anxiety or agitation; headache; and fever. For some people, these symptoms can be so severe that it literally serves as a stumbling block for them to find help for their problem.

The city of Phoenix has effective addiction treatment for men with nearby Pathfinders Recovery Center

And for those who are interested in Tempe Arizona rehab centers, they want to point out that the Pathfinders facility in Scottsdale is conveniently close to Tempe. First of all, they have experienced healthcare specialists and counselors. And they offer medically-assisted detox for drug and alcohol addiction, which can be part of a partial hospitalization program or a residential treatment program. The patient has to be monitored during this critical phase on the road to recovery because it is that phase when the person is the least medically stable and there is a high risk of relapse. The monitoring and medication provided can help the patient navigate the withdrawal symptoms in the most gentle and painless way possible.

They can also provide transportation and support for meetings within the 12 Step program, an approach that is effective in addressing the underlying reasons for drug or alcohol addiction in the mind of the person. A full and lasting recovery from addiction can be achieved as a result of the process of working through the steps, causing a significant shift in the person's way of thinking.

Established in 2017, the Pathfinders Recovery Center has more than 25 years of combined experience in offering treatment for different types of addiction and co-occurring disorders and in helping people struggling with addiction finally begin their journey toward recovery. They have the capability of offering drug and alcohol rehab services at their advanced treatment facilities in Arizona and Colorado. And they have also developed a program that teaches clients about integrity, responsibility, honesty, leadership, and hard work. With their program, they expect their clients to achieve a sober life. And they provide people struggling with any form of substance addiction a variety of tools for them to have a strong foundation to achieve a sober, accomplished, and clean life.

A spokesperson for Pathfinders Recovery Center says, “Whether you live in Phoenix or are closer to our facilities in Scottsdale, the clinical staff and commitment to excellence at Pathfinders Recovery Center are hard to replicate. If you are struggling with addiction to substances of any kind, anywhere in Arizona, we encourage you to reach out and find out more about our programs with a confidential call to our Admissions team. In minutes we can let you know your costs and whether beds are available, as well as answer any questions you may have.”

Those who are interested in getting the appropriate information on how to get help for individuals struggling with an addiction through rehabs in Phoenix AZ and in other places in the state of Arizona can contact them on the phone for more information and to schedule a stay pending bed availability.


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