Pates Pool and Spa Now Offers Marquis Spas in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana -

Pates Pool and Spa, based in Indianapolis, IN, is pleased to announce they are now offering Marquis hot tubs at their showroom. They offer quality hot tubs Indianapolis residents can depend on. Marquis hot tubs are known for their refined aesthetics and their advanced hydrotherapy capabilities. Their interactive showroom provides a broad selection of Marquis Spa models, that perfectly combine innovation, relaxation, and luxury.

A spokesperson for Pates Pool and Spa says, “When it comes to hot tubs, there's nothing in life that we love and enjoy quite as much as sinking into their warm, soothing waters. There are many options beyond your typical hot tub brands you have become familiar with in Indianapolis. At Pate's Pool and Spa, we offer the ultimate experience with Marquis Spas. Explore a variety of models with luxurious features, innovative designs, and therapeutic benefits when you visit Pate's Pool and Spa in Indianapolis.”

Marquis spas and hot tubs are popular due to their extraordinary engineering and design, making them the preferred choice of hot tub enthusiasts. Various key points can be observed for the Marquis hot tubs, such as: meticulous craftsmanship, ergonomic seating, customizable options, and stylish design elements. Marquis hot tubs are made with careful attention to detail. Every hot tub is constructed using quality materials and they undergo strict quality control processes to ensure excellent craftsmanship.

The Marquis Spas Indianapolis residents can rely on are also provided with ergonomically designed seating arrangements to offer the best relaxation. Marquis offers a wide range of seating options, such as deep bucket seats, lounge sets, or a combination of both. These hot tubs are also provided with a range of customizable options, including: jet configurations, lighting systems, massage options, and audio integration, thus providing for a personalized hot tub experience.

Marquis hot tubs are also designed to minimize energy consumption and have better energy efficiency. One of the features that contribute to higher energy efficiency is the ConstantClean™ water management system. This system makes use of a combination of different technologies, chemicals like ozone, and filtration, to ensure the water is clean and clear. By maintaining excellent water quality, there is less need to change the water and for chemical treatments, which results into less energy consumption and reduced maintenance requirements.

Marquis hot tubs are also provided with energy-efficient LED lighting systems. LED lights consume much less energy compared to conventional incandescent bulbs while offering customizable and vibrant lighting options. These LED lights also provide the relaxing atmosphere in the hot tub without negatively affecting energy resources.

Marquis hot tubs can provide stress relief and enhanced well-being through a combination of warm water, hydrotherapy massage, and buoyancy. They can offer help by decreasing muscle tension, relieving stress, and boosting overall well-being.

Hydrotherapy massage can offer several benefits. First is improved circulation. When combined with the natural characteristics of water, the massage can enhance blood circulation in the muscles. Enhanced circulation can help in relieving pain and promoting healing. Second, it can decrease stress by helping release tension in the muscles and connective tissue, offering relaxation for the body and mind. Third, a hydromassage with a deep tissue hose can provide the pressure that can reach pain at the root. Fourth, hydromassage can offer benefits for arthritic and chronic pain. Lastly, it can offer fast and lasting results.

Founded in 1968, Pates Pool and Spa has grown into one of the biggest pool retail and service companies in the Indianapolis area. In addition to their water testing services and retail store, they offer various services such as pool openings and closings, equipment installation and repair, weekly service, pool rehabilitation, and liner and cover installations. They believe their competitive advantage comes from their employees with some of them having been at Pates for more than 25 years and others being in the pool industry for more than 40 years. This depth of experience and knowledge allows them to provide excellent customer service, ensuring customers will have maximum enjoyment from their pool and spa.

Those who are looking for pools and hot tubs in Indianapolis can visit the Pates Pool and Spa website or contact them through the phone or by email.


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