Paramount Roofing & Consulting Is Offering Tarping Services in Douglas County

Paramount Roofing & Consulting has received yet another 5-star review for its expert roofing services in Douglasville, GA.

The company has been lauded time and time again for helping homeowners in Douglasville and nearby areas deal with roofing emergencies. On its Google My Business profile, this love from the community shines through in the form of a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 rating from nearly 150 reviews. Douglasville residents appreciate Paramount Roofing & Consulting’s timely help, high-quality roofing work, and affordable pricing.

The glowing review that the company recently received praises its customer service, speed of delivery, and the effort it put in to get the cost of the repairs covered through the homeowner’s insurance policy. The review says, “Paramount Roofing provides 5-star service. Otis and Curt are very professional and easy to work with. They assisted with communicating with my insurance company to get my roof replacement approved and completed the job in only 1 day. My new roof is beautiful. If you are in need of roof repair or replacement, Paramount Roofing is the company to call. They will take good care of you throughout the entire process. Thanks, Paramount!”

The spokesperson for the company, Otis Floyd responded to the Paramount Roofing & Consulting customer review by saying, “Thank you for your kind words. Here at Paramount, we strive to achieve a level of professionalism that other roofing companies just can’t match. It is what keeps our customers coming back to us, making us the only roofing provider in Douglasville they trust. Our clients also thank us for going above and beyond and providing them with all the detailed proof they need to get their repairs paid for, through the homeowner’s insurance that they rely on. Once we give them the documentation they need, our reputation as one of the premier roofing providers in Douglasville does the rest of the heavy lifting as no insurance provider can in good faith argue against the need for or the quality of our repairs. If you need any more assistance, we are always on the line to hear you out.”

For residential customers who are worried about the total cost of roof repairs, the Douglasville roofer can help them find temporary solutions that protect the integrity of the rest of their property while implementing only the essential roof repairs that they can afford. For example, when a damaged roof requires re-roofing or even reinstallation to completely restore, Paramount Roofing & Consulting offers homeowners a temporary fix in the form of tarping. It is especially useful during the rainy season when there is a risk of water seeping into the home’s structure and weakening it. The DIY solution is just one example of how the company has been able to garner goodwill from its clients as it does everything in its power to ensure that a home and its residents are safe from nature’s onslaught.

The roofing technicians at Paramount Roofing & Consulting begin the tarping process by first thoroughly examining the area to take note of any damage and taking detailed photographs to help with future insurance claims. Once the inspection is done, they will then clear the debris in the area for a clean installation. A strong and reliable tarp of adequate square footage is then procured along with four 2x4 boards. The boards secure the tarp using cap nails. The tarp is then rolled around the boards and the ends are secured to the roof using 6 2-inch nails for each board. While the fix is temporary, it gives homeowners more than enough time to formulate a plan of action for restoring their property’s roof. Many of Paramount Roofing & Consulting’s reviewers have described the company’s tarping services as a lifesaver that bought them precious time and helped them get over a tough challenge.

Readers looking for lasting roofing solutions, or even short-term fixes such as tarping in Douglas County, can contact Paramount Roofing & Consulting at (404) 309-8035.


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