One Month Free Self-Storage Campaign Launched In Sydney Eastern Suburbs

Super Easy Storage, with warehouse locations all over Australia, has launched a one-month free storage deal for customers in the Sydney, Eastern Suburbs area. The company offers two primary options to customers, including a standard self-load service and a premium offering where in-house removalists do all the heavy lifting and loading. More information can be found here:

Customers looking to make use of the free storage deal are invited to get in touch with Super Easy Storage at their earliest convenience. The company is aware that such services may be new territory for many customers, so their team is ready and willing to share as much insight as is necessary to help interested parties learn why Super Easy Storage’s storage solutions may be the answer to their problems. Furthermore, there are no hidden fees with their one month free storage offer; however, certain conditions apply. The company looks forward to answering all their community’s storage needs.

“Storage shouldn’t be hard,” comments Super Easy Storage CEO Edward Thirwall. “That’s why we started a mobile storage revolution in 2008. As Australia’s largest mobile storage service, we’re all about ease, affordability and flexibility to find the solution that is perfect for you.” While the service has been designed to be as simple as possible for customers to make use of, the team also makes it a point to work closely with customers who require a more personalised service. For instance, while many customers will prefer to handle their items by themselves, others will prefer professional help for any of a variety of reasons. See more here:

Super Easy Storage explains that some customers simply do not have the capacity to safely handle heavy or delicate objects, but their team can take over this responsibility with no hassle whatsoever. However, anyone who finds themselves in this position may be concerned that the process will take more time or money than they can afford — and Super Easy Storage is proud to confirm that they have solved these issues as well.

Notably, a customer can test this for themselves by taking part in the company’s one month free Self-Storage campaign. To begin with, Super Easy Storage will deliver a storage module to the customer's home, office or other appropriate location. Prior to dispatch, the customer can indicate whether they wish to use the company’s standard self-load service or their premium offering. Should they prefer the former, they can load their items into the storage module themselves. Conversely, the company can send a team to pack the items on the customer’s behalf, and Super Easy Storage is pleased to guarantee a professional service. This effectively means that customers can expect their items to be treated with the utmost care.

Regardless of whether the customer chose to load their items personally or let the team handle this stage of the process, the storage module will then be delivered to the closest storage facility. This warehouse is fully secured, and customers are entitled to access their items whenever they wish.

Super Easy Storage is committed to making storage as easy as possible for their community, and this means they often go out of their way to accommodate a customer’s needs. In some cases, this may involve making trips at unusual hours, handling extremely sensitive items and so on, but it can also be as simple as providing adequate packing materials where necessary.

A customer may utilise their Super Easy Storage options for either long- or short-term requirements, and the company is able to accommodate both private and commercial customers with ease. As a Trustpilot review from Lewis W. says, “I had a great experience with Super Easy Storage. Laura and Adam are a pleasure to talk to. They made the whole process seamless and pleasant from explaining our options and providing a quote, right through the process to deliver our items back to us when we no longer required storage. The cost was also affordable! I would wholeheartedly recommend them!” More insight from customers can be found here:

The One Month Free Self-Storage Campaign gives people across Eastern Suburbs a great opportunity to see what Super Easy Storage is capable of. To get started, interested parties are invited to contact Super Easy Storage by phone or email. The company can also be reached through their social media platforms.


For more information about Super Easy Storage, contact the company here:

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