Newly Launched Website Presents Neath Death Experience Videos 2023

Santa Clarita, California -

Promeza MG, a faith-based internet marketing company in Valencia, CA, is happy to announce the launch of a new website that shows near death experience vidoes. This website has the purpose of providing inspirational and informative videos that relate stories and firsthand accounts of near death experiences (NDE) from various countries all over the world. This website is for people who are looking for firsthand accounts of significant life changes and spiritual insights.

In this website, people can watch interviews with people who have had such an experience or even actual NDEs. Also included on the website are videos that examine the scientific findings about NDEs and the latest research into this phenomenon. This website is loaded with so much information that people would be able to gain a comprehensive view of NDEs and all of the remarkable stories that surround them.

Raul Meza, founder of Promeza MG, says, “As a critical care nurse for 30 years, I have had many patients who had experienced NDEs. I found that these stories bring hope to many people as a reassurance that there is life after death. That is why I created this site. A place where people can find some of the most inspiring stories all in one place.”

He adds, "I started sharing a few of those stories in a quick read, a book called "The Supernatural ICU" In doing this I found so many more stories out there and a website that had them all in one place would be a blessing for people."

Those who are interested in accounts of NDE in the ICU can check out the book, “The Supernatural ICU: Amazing Stories to Inspire Student Nurses and New Grads Alike,” by Raul Meza.

The videos available on this website have been categorized into NDE visiting Heaven, NDE meeting family, NDE out of body experience, NDE animal stories, and NDE visiting hell. The NDE visiting heaven category is further subdivided into “visiting Heaven” and “meeting Jesus.”

One of the “visiting Heaven” videos is about Peter Panagore’s NDE experience. This occurred in March 1980 when he went ice climbing on the world-renowned Lower Weeping Wall, along the Ice Field Parkway in Alberta, Canada. He and his climbing partner got trapped during their descent on the side of the mountain and he died due to exhaustion and hypothermia. It was during those minutes after he died that he was able to experience hell, forgiveness, unconditional love, and he was able to point out that Heaven is beautiful.

Another video that be found on the “visiting Heaven” sub-category is about a film that is based on the true story about real-life couple Todd and Sonja Burpo, whose son Colton claims to have visited Heaven during an NDE. Colton relates his experience and offers various details of his remarkable journey through the eyes of a child. He also discusses things that occurred before his birth, which ought to be things that he has no knowledge of.

In the “NDE meeting family” category a video shares personal accounts of NDEs from people who have returned from the brink of death with stories about how they saw their deceased parents in heaven. In another video in this category, some who had an NDE relates meeting with a family member, was given a mission, and then sent back. In another video in this category physical therapist Karen from Alaska relates here NDE journey to the afterlife where she met family members she had never met before the experience.

In a video in the “NDE out of body experience” category, a hospital porter who had an accident recalls his NDE out of body experience while he was undergoing brain surgery. In a video in the “NDE visiting hell” category, one video shows Bryan Melvin discussing details about his terrifying experience of having died and having gone to hell.

Those who would like to watch NDE videos and/or get more information about this phenomenon can check out the NDE Videos website.


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