New York Medical Clinic Strives to Make Its Wide Variety of Health Care Services Accessible to All

Bethany Medical Clinic is a Manhattan, New York-based health practice that started as a single-office, solo provider back in 2012. Since then, this medical practice has continually adapted to meet the needs of its ever-growing patient base. That includes being open at times when traditional medical practices are not and offering creative ways for its patients to meet the expenses that obtaining proper healthcare sometimes requires.

This is in keeping with its stated mission of being a medical services provider that is inclusive, thorough in its approach to helping its patients maintain better overall health, and a health care provider that displays a sense of warmth as it treats its patients. A philosophy that has helped Bethany Medical to become a healthcare provider that now boasts having popular clinics in such places as Murray Hill, Columbus Center, Chelsea, and Battery Park. A spokesperson for the clinic, Shirin Peters, says, “We have truly come a long way as a clinic from where we started in 2012. That’s because you will not find a New York City clinic that is more proactive when it comes to its patients' needs. This includes taking whatever steps are necessary to make our well-rounded medical services more accessible to everyone.”

Peters went on to say that there are several reasons why they at their clinic feel their popularity has risen so dramatically. This includes making its wide variety of medical treatments accessible to those that have schedule constraints, don’t have an extra budget for spending on healthcare this year, and to patients that don’t have insurance but still want healthcare options. She added that many patients also come to them looking to dive deeper into their health beyond the constraints of what insurance will cover and that want 360-degree primary and preventative care under one roof. They even cater to people with special health considerations that want to find a healthcare team that understands and gives them the personalized attention and answers that they need.

Bethany Medical Clinic also talked about how they have gone from being a solo medical treatment provider to one that now offers medical help in several different specialties. A list that includes women’s wellness, psychotherapy, dermatology, nutrition, physical health planning, PRP for hair loss, cosmetic facial injectables, and endocrinology in addition to its primary and preventative care services. She said that many of these newer treatments were added in response to their patients having difficulty obtaining these medical treatments elsewhere for either availability or cost reasons. Once again they decided the best way to overcome those obstacles to care was to just start offering these services under their roof. According to Peters, it also helps that they have some interesting ways in which their patients can obtain the healthcare they need without breaking the bank to get it. This includes such unique clinic traits as offering health memberships where patients pay a low monthly fee for memberships and have no copays and no deductibles. She added that the clinic’s management team remains committed to making the wide variety of medical services they offer accessible to as many people as possible.

Glowing patient testimonials on the clinic’s services attest that its all-inclusive approach to medical care is working. Rachel E. stated, “Made my appointment from my Smartphone while in Mexico Sunday night. Saw Dr. Peters the morning after my return. No wait. Have been seeing Dr. Peters for four years now. She is always thorough, caring, and knowledgeable. She has really helped me turn my health around. Couldn’t be happier.” Pia M. proclaimed, “Everyone at the clinic was very helpful, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly while still being efficient. They thoroughly explained everything that would happen at this appointment and the next. The hours are also convenient; the clinic is open later than most during the week and open on Saturdays.”

Those that would like to know about the Health Memberships and other services that Bethany Medical Clinic New York offers can call the clinic or refer to its website.


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