New York City Real Estate Attorney Natalia Sishodia Discusses The Five Questions You Should Ask A Real Estate Lawyer Before Hiring Them

New York City real estate attorney Natalia Sishodia releases a new article ( that discusses the questions one should ask before they hire a real estate attorney. The lawyer mentions that buying and selling real estate can leave someone legally vulnerable. There may be people who know a thing or two about real estate transactions, but the basics won’t help if they get into a dispute with a potential investor.

According to the New York City real estate attorney, “Outside of New York State, it is not uncommon to see real estate transactions done with nothing but real estate agents and title company involvement, but it’s to every buyer or seller’s advantage to have legal guidance. While agents are an invaluable resource, they can’t dispense legal advice and are only liable for particular services.”

New York City real estate attorney

The lawyer explains that having a skilled real estate attorney may be able to help the buyer or the seller review the contract, manage the due diligence process, and guide the client through closing. The lawyer may also be able to help the client ensure the safety of the transaction and cut down the potential for litigation.

Attorney Sishodia explains that one question the client should ask the lawyer is “Do you practice other types of law?” A lawyer whose primary focus is real estate would be important to help ensure that they will be able to help the client understand the complicated real estate laws involved.

In the article, attorney Sihodia also says that another question that one should ask is “How familiar are you with my type of real estate?” This question will help the client know how the lawyer will help them handle their case. There are different laws involved in different types of real estate transactions so it is important to have a lawyer who knows the best way to handle each situation.

Furthermore, the NYC real estate attorney enumerates the other questions one should ask a real estate lawyer before hiring them. These questions include “Will I be dealing with you or your paralegal?”, “What do your services include?”, and “What do your fees include?”.

Lastly, attorney Natalia Sishodia emphasizes the importance of having a skilled real estate attorney. An experienced attorney may be able to help the client ensure that the transaction is safe and that the purchase or the sale is worth it.

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