New Weight Loss Clinic Opens in Palm Harbor, FL

Clearwater, Florida -

A new health center, the Wellness Center of Palm Harbor announces the grand opening of a clinic offering an innovative and effective weight loss therapy known as GLP-1. Now an FDA approved medication, this new medical weight loss solution is a safe alternative to prescription medications and surgery, but is more effective.

Based on natural proteins, the GLP-1 solution is growing in popularity due to its fast-acting appetite suppression and how easily it can be incorporated into a busy schedule. Residents in the Palm Harbor area interested in quick and healthy weight loss can call (727) 594-6470 or visit for more information.

Wellness Center of Palm Harbor

This new weight loss clinic offers consultations with an on site medical specialist and support from a team fully trained and experienced in administering GLP-1 therapy.

This solution is the most exciting advance in the weight loss field in the past twenty years. Using a simple protein, GLP-1 safely mimics reactions the body has after eating. Beginning with a minor dose, the amount of protein is increased over several weeks. Almost immediately, it begins to act as a natural appetite suppressant.

Rather than speed up metabolism with stimulants, or restrict the amount of food you can physically consume with surgery, GLP-1 simply tells the body that it is full after smaller portions. There are no cravings or hunger pangs to fight off. Exercise and a healthy diet are encouraged, but are not required.

The Wellness Center of Palm Harbor is owned and operated by Chad Schoenfeld and Liz Doering . They are focusing on weight loss as a core health service because so many issues can develop when a person is overweight. “Being at optimum weight is a key component of both physical and mental health,” Chad says. “Helping people curb appetite and cravings, while allowing the body to reset comfortably, has always been the biggest challenge,” he says. “Now we know how.”

More and more medical professionals are recognizing that obesity, in some cases, is a genetic condition. The body chemistry has to change or even dieting and exercise won’t work. Phentermine or Adipex, or undergoing gastric bypass surgery are options, but they pose risks. GLP-1 is producing positive results for these hard to treat cases.

After the initial consultation, a customized formula is administered based on medical history, BMI, and other health factors. Most people report eating drastically less within the first day or two without a struggle. The clinic has no set rules to follow in terms of diet or exercise. Side effects are rare, but can include nausea or minor gastric issues that resolve quickly.

The Wellness Center of Palm Harbor is dedicated to its member’s health and wellness. Patients interested in hearing more about the Wellness Center of Palm Harbor can call (727) 594-6470 to schedule a consultation, or visit for more information.


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