New Wealthward Capital Blog Discusses What Is the Best Kind of Passive Investment

Cedar Park, Texas -

Wealthward Capital is a Cedar Park, TX private equity investment firm that states its primary mission is to help investors supercharge their passive income. The company does this by offering a subscription service that educates investors and then provides them with opportunities to join its institutional quality investments. It has been especially successful in helping technology employees grow their careers, build wealth, and make an impact.

Part of the way Wealthward Capital helps educate those interested in making more investments using passive income means is to post blogs related to the subject. The latest of which is a recently published article that describes what passive income is and discusses how to build portfolios that generate real passive income. Christopher Nelson, Wealthward Capital’s Co-Founder & Principal, says, “As we go about our work helping our subscription holders learn to use passive income to build up their financial portfolios, there is one thing that has become perfectly clear to us. That is there are several misconceptions out there as to what passive income really is. It’s why we at Wealthward Capital decided to sit down and create an entire blog article that directly addresses this very subject.”

This new Wealthward Capital blog is titled ‘What is the Best Kind of Passive Investment?” It starts by stating that although the term passive investment is widely used in investment circles many really do not exactly what that term covers. The newly posted article clearly stated that it does not include online courses, affiliate marketing schemes, flipping real estate, drop shipping products, or even messing around with one’s 401(k) distributions.

The blog states that’s because all those investment means require some work and passive income is income that gets cash flowing into an investor's bank account without that investor having to do anything once an investment has been made. Investors become what is known as limited partners in the deals the firm creates and only have to worry about investment yield. The blog describes investment yield being a term that was coined by the firm to show how much profit one has generated with each passive investment that they make.

This leads to this Wealthward Capital blog’s bottom-line definition of passive income as being income yield received as a limited partner. Next discussed in the article is what are the best type of investments that generate passive income. A list that includes investments involving appreciation, equity pay down, tax breaks, and come with regular cash flow payments to investors. The blog then describes real estate when bought below market value as one of their preferred forms of passive investment and although it’s boring, it often generates a steady paycheck for its investors.

This Wealthward Capital blog also mentioned that many of America’s wealthiest families have as much as 50% of their wealth tied up in such passive income-generating opportunities as real estate and alternative investments. Several frequently asked questions regarding passive investments were also added to the article. These questions include what is the most passive investment, what is the best passive investment to get monthly income, and what is the safest form of passive investment right now. Those investors that are interested to learn more about this blog subject can read the article in its entirety on the Wealthward Capital website.

Those that have turned to Wealthward Capital for passive investment advice and investment opportunities often leave very favorable reviews about that experience. Ajit Deshpande stated, “If you are looking for help to take your real estate investing to the next level, I would recommend working with Christopher and his awesome team at Wealthward Capital.” Emilio Caamanonde proclaimed, “Since the beginning, we connected on some fundamental values which were transparency, education, and facts. If you want low touch, low risk, and long-term sustainable wealth, work with Wealthward as I did.” Nelson stated that those investors that want to learn more about how Wealthward Capital can help them earn a passive income and make their money work better for them can contact the firm for a complimentary consultation.


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