New Men's Organic Cotton Underwear Launched - 2022 Sustainable Collection By Frank And Oak Canada

Montreal, Quebec -

Frank And Oak's latest launch introduces contemporary style and eco-friendly fabrics, offering customers a collection of luxurious and comfortable undergarments that don't compromise on functionality.

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The announcement outlines the company's philosophy of better living, ethical innovation, and its commitment to positively impacting the community and the planet at large. Made from a blend of organic cotton, Frank And Oak's men's underwear range is designed to maintain freshness and ease of movement in all seasons.

While many clothing companies resort to using cheap labour across the globe to remain competitive in an over-saturated market, sustainable fashion prioritizes the use of fabrics that keep environmental impact to a minimum while also ensuring the welfare of factory workers and the wider community. Frank And Oak are dedicated to building a brand that prizes ethical practice above profit, marrying creativity to eco-conscious craftsmanship.

Frank And Oak's classic trunks are made from sustainably-harvested organic cotton, with an elastic waistband providing a flexible and ergonomic fit.

Other styles include the Frank And Oak classic briefs for those who are seeking a shorter cut and more minimal undergarments. Classic boxer briefs offer a similar length to the trunk model with a closer, more supportive cut.

Customers can choose from a range of colours, from navy, grey, brown, and black, to dark red, and a striped version in a fetching pale green shade. All men's organic cotton underwear can be ordered through the Frank And Oak web store. Complimentary shipping is offered on all orders over $75.

About Frank And Oak

Since its inception in 2012, the company has garnered a strong reputation for its high levels of customer care, organic products, ethical standards, and an ethos that reflects the needs and wants of an emerging generation of style and eco-conscious creatives. Frank And Oak continually renews its environmental pledges to reduce waste, offset its carbon footprint, and remove virgin plastics and polyester from its manufacturing and supply chains.

A spokesperson says, “We believe in considering the impact of the choices we make every day and view those choices as an opportunity to better ourselves. Our purpose is to Inspire a Better Way of Living by creating conscious products that last through time.”

With its updated men's organic cotton underwear collection, Frank And Oak continues to set the standard for sustainable style across Canada and beyond.

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