My Emergency Dentist Treated 100 Perth Patients in February, a premier dental practice focusing on emergency dental care services, has successfully treated 100 patients in February alone. The practice is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology and equipment to ensure patients receive the most advanced and effective treatment options.

According to Dr Kent Tan, spokesperson for My Emergency Dentist, "My Emergency Dentist is proud to have treated 100 patients in February. The team of highly skilled and experienced dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants are dedicated to providing the best possible care to all patients. Team members understand that dental emergencies can be painful and stressful, and the team is committed to providing same-day emergency dental appointments for their patients."

My Emergency Dentist provides a full range of dental services, including preventative treatment, relief of pain, teeth straightening, crowns, implants, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry. The practice is open 6 days a week, and dedicated emergency appointments are set aside every day to accommodate urgent situations.

At My Emergency Dentist, the team understands that dental emergencies can cause significant pain and discomfort, and they are committed to providing the highest quality of care to their patients in a timely and efficient manner.

The clinic takes patients from all around Perth and the outer suburbs, including FIFO patients and surrounding regional patients. The team of experienced dentists assess the current dental situation and provides treatment plans that are tailored to individual needs.

Dr Tan also highlighted the importance of dental hygiene and preventive dental care. "My Emergency Dentist believes that prevention is better than cure. Team members encourage all patients to maintain good dental hygiene by brushing and flossing daily and visiting the clinic regularly for check-ups and cleaning. The team of dentists and hygienists are trained in the latest techniques and procedures to ensure that patients receive the best possible care."

Looking to the future, My Emergency Dentist Perth plans to expand its services and continue providing high-quality dental care to its patients. "Team members are committed to providing the best possible dental care to patients, and they are constantly looking for ways to improve the services. My Emergency Dentist plans to expand the services and offer more advanced treatment options to patients in the near future," said by Dr Tan.

Emergency Dentist Perth is located at 65B Angelo Street, South Perth WA 6151, and can be reached by phone at (08) 9020 7222 or by email at


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