MortgageRight Invites Branch Managers and Originators Nationwide to Test Drive Its Mortgage Branch Opportunity

Atlanta, Georgia -

MortgageRight is helping branch managers and mortgage originators nationwide offer lower rates, close more deals, and earn substantially more income for their skills through its origination platform.

MortgageRight addresses some of the most glaring issues that most providers face today. Generally, branch managers have to choose between selling at higher rates and getting paid more basis points or taking a lower commission split and offering lower rates but making up for it by selling a larger volume. The companies that try to buck the trend provide costlier mortgages and can’t offer the level of customer service that homebuyers have come to expect.

Tanner Allen, CEO and one of the founders of MortgageRight, explains this problem by saying, “Producers, regardless of how high performing they are, always have to earn their money twice. First, they put in the work to get the client signed up for the mortgage and then they are punished for their competency by the partnering company. This is, in our opinion, a tax that only keeps increasing the more successful you are. It is a hard pill to swallow as it is driven purely by the company’s pursuit of profits. When we founded MortgageRight in 2005, we believed there was a better way and have since successfully delivered on that mission.”

The MortgageRight platform allows producers to have complete autonomy over how they choose to run their branches. This includes deciding all the branch’s expenses, setting the income for themselves and their employees, creating unique pricing and profit margins, and tailoring the compensation plan as they see fit. It is the only branching platform that offers such a large degree of freedom to mortgage originators, putting them firmly in charge of their own success.

To showcase the effectiveness of the MortgageRight platform, the company allows prospective partners to “Test Drive” it before signing on. The Test Drive initiative is MortgageRight’s solution to bringing transparency to an industry that is notoriously secretive about its books. With MortgageRight, a platform that claims to have been built by Producers for Producers, branch managers get to see the actual profit and loss statement, helping them know exactly what they are signing up for and avoid getting blindsided once they make the switch.

“Once you sign up for the Test Drive,” Tanner says, “you get behind-the-scenes raw pricing that we receive from our investors. You get to see a file go all the way from origination to closing, with live automated updates along the way, ensuring that you are well-versed with the process and the numbers before you sign on. For added assistance, we also provide you with full access to our branch and file support teams. You also get a chance to speak to other branch managers and originators across the country who have benefitted from the MortgageRight platform and are actively using it to crush sales. To top it all off, you get my personal cellphone number. It doesn’t get any more forthright and open than this.”

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, and licensed in 47 states, MortgageRight is currently positioned as one of the nation's top 100 mortgage originators. Since 2019, the company has doubled in size on account of the ease of use of its platform, impressive results for producers, and robust support. Several of the company’s current branch managers have shared their feedback about the company online, emphasizing how it helped them make more money, meet closing dates effortlessly, and spend more time with their loved ones.

Branch Manager Mike Russo says, “Choosing where you run your branch is one of the most important decisions of your life. I used to not be confident that I was giving my clients the best deal. This mortgage branch opportunity has changed everything. I now offer the best rates and never lose a deal to pricing.”

Readers can get in touch with MortgageRight at (866) 228-7703 for inquiries or to get started with the company’s Test Drive program.


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