Moreira Team Announces A New Mortgage Quote Form

Atlanta, Georgia -

The leading mortgage company, Moreira Team, has said that the latest quote form will make it faster and easier for customers to get a mortgage rate. The company has changed how the form works, ensuring customers don’t have to wait around long for a quote.

New York City, NY – A new quick quote form is probably exactly what people are looking for when searching for a mortgage. Nobody wants to wait around for a few days for the mortgage company to get back with a quote, but most take up to a week. Fortunately, companies like Moreira Team are upping the game with quote forms that promise to deliver a rate quickly. The company has said that it has fundamentally changed how the quote form works to ensure faster delivery of the requested quote.

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Figures from the mortgage industry show that the longer a person has to wait for a quote, the less likely it becomes that they will get the mortgage from the company. Sure, providing a quote can sometimes be a time-consuming process. Still, by leveraging the power of technology and a few human beings, Moreira Team promises to get back to customers quicker and with more accurate quotes. This could potentially be another game-changing feature introduced by the company.

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“In the mortgage industry, time is always of the essence. In fact, many times, people who don’t receive a quote sooner than they would from other lenders will not want to do business with you or would have already chosen a lender. That’s why we’ve decided to redo our system and provide a way for people to get a quote sooner than they can from any other lender,” said a representative for The Moreira Team.

She added, “Even though this may appear like a simple addition, the fact is that a lot of work has gone into making it possible because we still need to make sure our quotes are highly accurate. Plus, our mortgage rates continue to be competitive.”

About Moreira Team

The Moreira Team is one of the most reputable businesses in the mortgage industry, with over a decade of solid credibility. The company is known for offering highly competitive interest rates across all of its mortgage products, coupled with excellent customer service and quick response time.


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