Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyers Offer Expert Counsel To Local Community

The law firm of Ryan Garry LLC, based in Minneapolis, MN, is offering its services to clients who are facing federal and state criminal charges. A seasoned expert in his field, Garry has extensive experience in criminal defense, ranging from violent crimes (such as sex crimes, drug offenses, and manslaughter) to federal crimes )ranging from complex white-collar crimes to Justice Department investigations). He and his firm are inviting the community to get in touch immediately if they require an expert’s counsel and assistance in such cases. Learn more here: Ryan Garry, Criminal Attorney.

The firm is capable of handling a range of criminal defense cases. Some of the Criminal Defense cases they handle include drug crimes, white collar crimes, federal crimes, murder, criminal sexual conduct, arson, DWI, DUI, assault, domestic assault, robbery, burglary, manslaughter, mail fraud, securities fraud, healthcare fraud, identity fraud, money laundering, and RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) cases. The lawyers at the firm will also act as trial attorney as needed.

Garry himself works tirelessly for his clients, maintains a diligent work ethic, and spends much of his time conducting investigations and preparing litigation. He receives much of his business through referrals from fellow attorneys, prosecutors, former judges, and former clients, ranging from average citizens to high-profile celebrities and professional athletes. The firm has represented people from different backgrounds over years as well. Garry has also handled numerous dismissals, acquittals, trials by grand juries, acquittals and disqualifications from prosecutors, and a few indictments in state and federal courts. Learn more here: Ryan Garry - Defense Attorney.

Since the firm’s inception, nearly all of Garry's work has been on behalf of clients whose cases involved everything from DWIs to homicide to serious white-collar crime. He has helped clients with acquittals, dismissal orders, lawsuits, and more. His recent cases include third-degree assault, first-degree assault as well as acquittals and verdicts for domestic violence assault, strangulation, and so on. Typically, his practice assists a wide range of criminal and investigative clients.

Criminal Defense Attorney MN

From homeless representatives to high-profile celebrities and professional athletes, the firm’s attorneys have a great deal of experience helping clients navigate the challenging waters of the criminal justice system. Notably, the firm strongly believes in allowing the court to determine the validity of a client’s position; the attorneys themselves do not make personal judgements. Their purpose, they believe, is to uncover and produce every piece of evidence that proves their client correct. Its overall goal is always to solve the problem that drew the client to the firm in the first place. The firm regularly represents attorneys and doctors as well.

The firm’s success did not develop overnight. Garry worked long hours to bring the firm to its current position, assisted by attorney Elizabeth Duel and executive legal assistant Shelly Larson. He established the practice from scratch, became the first attorney in his family, and began conducting jury trials for criminal cases. While he and his team are grateful to the mentors that helped lay the foundation for their success, much of their success is a direct result of getting hands-on in trials. Garry believes that this is the only way to become a true trial lawyer.

Garry has nearly 20 years of criminal defense experience. From 2002, until he was a criminal defense attorney for another law firm until 2003, and then served as a clerk for the Public Defender's Office for the Second Circuit. He also earned a law degree as a fellow at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Summer Clark at Briggs & Morgan. Garry received his Juris Doctor degree from Mitchell's Hamline School of Law in 2004. He has served in the Minnesota and Federal Courts, the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court of the United States. He is also a board-certified criminal justice specialist with the Minnesota Bar Association, which includes only his 3% of Minnesota attorneys.

As an extension of his work, Garry is a frequent speaker at legal education seminars in Minnesota. He is President of the Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and serves on the board of the Minnesota Bar Association's Committee of Criminal Law Professionals. After serving as president from 2021-2022, Garry remains involved as a board member of the Minnesota Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

To learn more about Ryan Garry LLC, MN Criminal Lawyers, interested parties may visit the firm’s official website or contact their office via phone or email.


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