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Minneapolis, MN based Ryan Garry LLC is ready to offer the full strength of their legal resources to clients who are facing criminal charges. When wrongfully accused of a crime, the only way to fight back is to have a skilled, experienced defense attorney, and Ryan Garry LLC provides its Minneapolis clients some of the best legal defense services in the area.

Supported by a team of qualified and experienced legal specialists, the firm conducts extensive research and fact-finding in order to formulate solid defenses that are all but guaranteed to help their clients get a positive ruling. Visit the firm’s website for more: Ryan Garry - Defense Attorney.

Being arrested for a crime, or finding themselves the subject of a criminal investigation, is one of the most difficult challenges an individual can deal with in their lifetime. A criminal charge often leads to months of litigation and thousands in legal fees, possibly ending in an unfavorable judgment. Additionally, due to the nature of criminal cases, the unfortunate party may even have to serve jail time (depending on the severity of the crime).

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However, they can minimize the possibility of being convicted by hiring a good attorney. BY contacting an attorney as soon as possible, they can also ensure both they and their legal counsel have more time to come up with an effective plan to make sure that they get the best possible result. Ryan Garry LLC is always more than happy to help with all kinds of criminal cases, and the team has helped dozens of people avoid the dire consequences of criminal convictions.

Attorney Ryan Garry, head attorney at Ryan Garry LLC, has worked on cases involving all manner of crimes. Drug crimes, white collar crimes and DUIs tend to be quite common, as are crimes like assault, burglary and domestic assault. The firm has handled more severe crimes, however, including criminal sex conduct, arson and various types of fraud — all the way up to cases involving murder. Notably, the firm has enjoyed a considerable degree of success in these cases.

“If hired soon enough in the criminal investigation, Attorney Ryan Garry may be able to intercede on your behalf and negotiate with the police and possibly prevent charges from being brought against you,” says the firm. “In many cases, remaining silent instead of making a statement can be enough to prevent an arrest. In fact, if they contact you to ‘make a statement’ or ‘come in for questioning,’ it is possible that they do not have enough proof yet to make an arrest. You should never speak with police or answer any questions without first consulting with an experienced Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney. You always have the right to remain silent.”

The goal at the law offices of Ryan Garry is to make use of every resource that is legally available to obtain the best possible result for their clients. Attorney Garry possesses years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer in Minneapolis, MN. He has the skills and resources needed to fight the State’s Attorney throughout every stage of the case. Read more on the firm’s website: Ryan Garry - Criminal Lawyer.

The first step toward getting an excellent lawyer to assist with fighting a criminal case is to get in contact and schedule a consultation. Ryan Garry and his team, notably, offer free initial consultations. A client may call at any time during the week, and the firm will schedule a free case evaluation. During this session, the attorney will take down any information that is relevant to the case and offer legal advice.

Legal fees are one of the major concerns of anyone facing a criminal case. The entire process from beginning to end can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, and most people would prefer to know exactly what they are getting into when they agree to work with a particular lawyer. Ryan Garry LLC strives to provide fair and accurate legal fee quotations in order to ensure that the client is fully aware of all the costs and fees that they may be required to pay.

For more information, clients are invited to contact the office directly. They may also visit the firm’s website: Ryan Garry - Minneapolis Criminal Defense Attorney.


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