MBS Provides Best Amazon Sellers Categories

ManageByStats has posted a new and insightful article on the top main categories on Amazon, identifying the best amazon sellers. For Amazon sellers, choosing to list in the top Amazon categories gives them a leg up on sales. Certainly sellers can and do sell in all categories, but if their business model – and brand image – permits, choosing products in these best sellers increases the chance of success. MBS covers what these best categories are, and how to work with that insight.

“One of our primary goals has always been to provide Amazon sellers with the training and insight they need to succeed on Amazon,” says MBS CEO, Philip Jepsen. “Our tools give sellers the means to automate and easily oversee many of the functions they must do each day when running an Amazon business. To back that up we provide this sort of knowledge and insight to help them expand.”

Finding the best products to sell is the quest of every Amazon seller, and it begins with these Amazon categories. Whether cultivating a brand image, and thus looking for products to fit that brand, or simply selling products that sell the best, research and discovery is where it begins. Tools, as well, help reduce the tremendous amount of time it takes to do this research, tools such as ManageByStats’ Product Retriever. Even if product research is done manually, the criteria to frame each search is the same, and is covered in this article.

“Finding the best products to sell on Amazon starts with an understanding of where the best opportunities lie,” says Mister Jepsen. “The info in this list is a great start for any product search.”

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