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Wilmington, DE based Bluoo Digital is working with luxury real estate agents to produce the results they want despite the challenges of the modern market. The agency attributes their success in this regard to their proprietary ranking system, which has proven itself repeatedly over the past 10 years.

The real estate industry is wide and expansive, and its respective niches each tend to require specific considerations in order for real estate agents to be as effective as possible in their fields. The world of luxury real estate is no different, but the clientele this industry serves can sometimes be far more exacting than others. As such, it is in an agent’s best interests to make careful, conscientious and intelligent decisions at every level — including in their marketing and outreach.

Bluoo Digital Marketing Agency

In the time since they first launched their services, Bluoo Digital has positioned themselves as a pioneer and leader in the field. Their heritage with the luxury real estate industry goes all the way to the top of the agency’s ranks, with owner Ferdinand Mehlinger having served as Keynote Speaker at the MLS. The agency has also made it a point to work side by side with clients to achieve their respective objectives, and they back up all their claims with cold, hard and accessible numbers.

Bluoo Digital is proud of the fact that many of their partners consider them to be the best in the business. However, they do not expect new clients to take their word for it. Those who sign on with the agency for the first time will immediately notice their overwhelming drive to deliver on their promises.

“Understanding what you need from your marketing partner,” the agency states, “is the same as understanding what the luxury real estate industry needs from you. Wealthy property owners may have specific preferences and requirements that do not exist in any other field, and our knowledge of these spheres of interest must at least equate yours in order for us to be effective as a team. For the past 10 years, Bluoo Digital has grown alongside the luxury market as well as the propagation of SEO and other relevant technologies. This gives us a great deal of insight on how these fields interact, and we are more than ready to put our expertise to work on your behalf.”

Regardless of the direction a luxury real estate agent’s efforts generally take, such as providing assistance with legacy planning, asset appraisal, insurance, privacy and so on, Bluoo Digital can ensure their client becomes a prominent name in those particular fields. This is also covered during the onboarding process — the agency does not proceed until they understand exactly what the client offers.

Today, an effective marketing campaign often has to be deployed across multiple fronts. For instance, most real estate agents will have some experience creating and publishing videos that are intended to capture leads, but there is a large difference between intent and execution. Audiences tend to favor videos with higher production value, both in the manner in which they are shot and how the final product is edited — and this is even more important in the luxury sector.

Bluoo Digital, fortunately, has a team on hand who is able to create highly attractive videos that are more likely to capture the interest of wealthy buyers and sellers. An agent only has to ask the team for the process to begin. Videos are not enough, however, and this is why the agency also offers web development (or hosting, where necessary), creative writing (for blogs and other focused purposes), app development and so on.

They also focus on SEO, or search engine optimization, identifying keywords that their client can take advantage of and pushing said keywords to the top of search results. This is one example of a field where the agency can share concrete insights regarding the potential success of a campaign (and why they believe a strategy will be successful).

Interested parties are welcome to contact the agency to inquire further. The company will be pleased to highlight more specific areas in which they can help once they understand what the client needs to succeed. See more here: Bluoo Digital Linkedin.


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