MAP Coaching Institute Reveals Who Created The Map Method™

The owners of MAP Coaching Institute want the public to have more details on the owners of the Institute and the history that lead up to the creation of The MAP Method™ modality for which they are known. Additional details on the MAP Coaching Institute can be gleaned from

The unique modality referred to as The MAP Method (an acronym for Make Anything Possible) was developed by Colette Streicher as a response to years of frustration in experiencing hard-earned yet often partial results while using approaches she adapted from the most advanced therapies like EFT, TFT, NLP, Matrix Energetics, Quantum techniques, Resonance Repatterning, Body Talk, and more. Each method addressing only some of the subconscious memories and not all types, Colette was searching for a complete method that would effectively address all types of subconscious memories down to the very root cause of all complex and deeply anchored success blocks, particularly money blocks. This provided the motivation to continue to search for better and more complete solutions.

MAP Coaching Institute 2022 The MAP Method and Who Created It

Colette developed The MAP Method while being mentored by Dr. Garry Flint, the author and creator of the Process Healing Method. Dr. Flint’s modality had developed a novel approach that was already much more integrative, it combined mindfulness, Ericksonian languaging, alpha states, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and several other effective treatment approaches. In the years that passed since that initial collaboration, Colette and her team worked on adding many more approaches that each were addressing one more slice of the “subconscious pie” (ex: somatic, generational, or prenatal, cellular memories…) and gathered them all under one integrative modality, leading to the ability to address in one MAP session all types of subconscious memories that are often at the origin of complex sabotaging patterns. She further refined The MAP Method, which led to the approach by which she was able to see deep, complete, and fast clearing of subconscious blocks to success and long lasting results with her clients.

It was when Valentin Streicher joined the team that the technique was further improved. Over the course of more than two years' investment in research, development, and work with clients, Valentin made the MAP Method into the repeatable system which is currently used in each client-centered MAP Method session. While that was being developed and fine tuned, Valentin created the Certified Practitioners' training curriculum, which is currently being used. Valentin became the first Head Trainer at MAP Coaching Institute, and continues in that role today. Additional insights are available in this press release,

Launched in 2015, MAP Coaching Institute continues to apply their proprietary MAP Method, which is the first integrative psychology based on the novel use and combination of several evidence-based approaches that leverages the brain’s neuroplasticity to rewire and reconsolidate long-term conscious and subconscious memories that often hinder or are simply not beneficial for the individual to attain success. The method allows the replacement of the old negative brain wiring with a new wiring that is either positive or neutral. This rewiring can enable rapid changes and a long lasting transformation of that person’s thoughts and behaviors. This type of transformation lightens the load and thus enables clients to pursue their goals more effectively.

Colette Streicher, Founder and President of the MAP Coaching Institute, explains, “Our mission in using this unique method is to empower people to easily overcome emotional stress, quickly get rid of subconscious blocks, and gently heal any unresolved trauma. Every day, we are helping people have a new sense of calm when they are dealing with their emotions, thoughts, and life situations with the result that they can make positive contributions to their family, friends, business and community. The MAP Method was developed to help you achieve a happy life that's an ideal expression of your highest values. For those who have been trying for years to attain full potential yet still see something’s missing, MAP is likely the missing puzzle piece they need.”

Everyone wishing to know more about the MAP Coaching institute in general or The MAP Method in particular can get those details at their site. To arrange a meeting or to request details about their Certified Practitioner Program, visit their Contact Us page, where the Institute's operating hours (Monday through Friday by appointment) are posted.


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