Leipart Heating and Cooling Offers Naperville AC Repair at Competitive Rates

Leipart Heating and Cooling, a premier HVAC company in Naperville, IL, wants to emphasize their competitively priced air conditioning (AC) repair and installation services in Naperville and surrounding areas. The company’s team of expert HVAC technicians are EPA-certified and can provide precise quotes, honest advice, and complete the job in the correct way the first time. They offer their expert HVAC services for both residential and commercial properties in Naperville, Plainfield, Lockport, Joliet, Bolingbrook, Aurora, and more.

The quality of the services provided by Leipart is attested to by the highly positive reviews they have been receiving from satisfied customers. For instance, John P. gave them a five star rating and said, “Jim, the owner, has incredible customer service and passes it along to his employees. I have used them for A/C cleaning services, purchased a new a/c unit (with installation) from them and they have been out for various diagnostics. They have been more than reasonable and stand by their work. They ensure that the customer is taken care of, are readily available and at the end of the day- satisfied- even if it isn't necessarily profitable for them. All around, they have been nothing less than great for me and I will continue to use them and urge that you use them as well.”

Leipart Heating and Cooling points out that there are a number of signs that the AC equipment needs repair. The first sign is warm air blowing out of the air vents. They recommend checking if the AC is actually set to cooling mode at a setting that is lower than the room temperature and if it still blows warm air, the air compressor or restricted airflow may be the issue. They also recommend leaving the troubleshooting to HVAC professionals because the AC system is complex and needs the expertise of certified technicians.

Another sign that the AC system may need repair is poor airflow. The problem may be a clogged air filter, the motor may not be working properly, or something more serious might be the issue. A third indicator that the AC needs repair is frequent cycling. A tune-up of the AC might resolve the frequent cycling or it might indicate the need for a new AC.

A fourth sign is high humidity indoors because the AC is supposed to regulate the humidity automatically. A fifth indicator that the AC equipment is not running properly is the presence of pooled water or a leak around it. A sixth sign is the presence of unpleasant smells that seem to be coming from the HVAC system. This might be due to the presence of bacteria or other problems. Finally, the seventh indicator is the presence of unusual noises. While the AC unit may usually produce low-level noise, sudden, unusual and loud noises can be due to serious issues with the equipment.

Leipart Heating and Cooling can also offer helpful advice when the client requires the installation of an AC system. This is important because purchasing the wrong size of cooling system or buying a low quality model may result into problems in the future and unnecessary expenses. Jim Leipart, founder of Leipart Heating and Cooling, says, “Purchasing a lower priced model since it is cheaper could be a costly mistake. You need to look at quality plus reputation. Base your choice on these factors after which choose your unit that best suits your budget.”

Founded in 2009 by Jim Leipart, Leipart Heating and Cooling is committed to providing the best possible HVAC equipment repair and installation services in Naperville and nearby areas. The company’s team of expert technicians are ready to offer professional and helpful advice, in addition to excellent services and products. Jim Leipart is a certified HVAC technician and plumber who had 18 years of working in the trade before deciding to establish his own company.

When looking for AC repair Naperville residents can check out the Leipart Heating and Cooling website or contact them on the phone or through email.


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