Ireland Greenway Launches New Website

Ireland Greenway is an Ireland tourism group that promotes and provides up to date information about the many greenways in Ireland, has launched their new website as a resource for anyone looking for information, guides, news, and the latest useful products for people walking and cycling on Ireland’s gorgeous greenways. The website is a treasure trove of information about the greenways in Ireland, so people in Ireland can better access and use the trails around the country. The Irish government has been encouraging the creation and expansion of greenways in Ireland as a way of providing outdoor recreation opportunities for its citizens, who generally love cycling and recreating out of doors. In 2018, the Irish government created the Future National and Regional Greenways Development Plan, which encourages the creation of more traffic-free routes for cycling, walking and running, with lots of natural heritage and stunning scenery.

A greenway, as used in this context, is generally a strip of undeveloped land with a paved pathway reserved for car-free mixed use or environmental protection. Greenways can be found in urban, suburban and rural areas alike, and are often created from abandoned railway lines, canal towpaths, or other similar rights of way. Because they are free from motorized traffic, greenways make for amazing recreational locations for families or individuals who want to have an exhilarating outdoor experience. As such, Ireland Greenway promises to provide all the necessary information for people in Ireland interested in experiencing the country’s miles of greenways to have the best possible experience. The organization aims to provide information for anyone interested in exploring Ireland’s countryside via greenway, enjoy relaxing walks with friends, or plan themselves a cycling adventure to remember.

The Ireland Greenway website currently lists ten greenways in Ireland, including the Limerick Greenway, the Great Western Greenway, and the Connemara Greenway. The Limerick Greenway is a 40 kilometer greenway trail in the Limerick countryside in Ireland. The route is great for people who want to explore the countryside by walking, running, or cycling, and includes many impressive views as well as cultural heritage landmarks and villages along the path. Top sights include Norman castles, medieval ruins, and railway stations long out of use. Travelers can use the Limerick Greenway to travel between the towns of Rathkeale, Newcastle West, and Abbeyfeale in West Limerick, Ireland, and the Ireland Greenway website provides lots of useful information about the entire greenway route. The website lists out each of the sections of the trail, which has six stages between different stations where people can start or stop their journey. For each stage and village along the route, there are notes on what attractions and other sites might be found in that stage of the trail, as well as more information about notable points along the trail where people might want to stop and explore.

Each greenway on the site is explained at the same level of detail, with an at a glance widget making the most important details easy to find, a map and description of the route, some information about the history of the location, plenty of pictures, and lots of information about things to see and do along the way. Ireland Greenway will also accept information about new greenways they have not yet listed, or that may be built in the future. This is just one of the ways they are committed to providing the latest information about Ireland’s greenways and promote them to anyone who might want to use them, whether for travel and tourism or just a way to recreate and explore. Visitors to the country as well as the people who live there are all encouraged to visit Ireland Greenway’s website to learn everything they need to know about the greenway trails available to the public in Ireland, and all of the amazing natural wonders and sites of cultural heritage they can see while traveling on foot or by bicycle through the Irish countryside.


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