Interview Kickstart Course Reviews 2023 Update - FAANG Interview Prep Course For Software Engineers Costs Added

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Interview Kickstart (IK), a company in Santa Clara, CA, has received yet another highly positive review from a former student of its course that offers interview preparation to help the course takers pass their technical interviews, enabling them to get large offers from FAANG and Tier-1 tech companies. Aliya M. completed the course and was able to get several offers, including some from FAANG. She joined Apple after finishing the course. Aliya, just like other IK alumni, has been experiencing the fact that the cost of the course is not actually an expense, but an investment. The average salary increase for IK alumni after taking the courses was 66.5% in 2021. For more information visit:

In the above-mentioned review, Aliya Mussina said, “Interview Kickstart's program met all my expectations. (It has) well-selected problems to practice, good coaches, and interview opportunities. All the staff are very responsive and approachable; they are like family now. They guide you and give excellent recommendations every step of the way. I started the program while eight-months pregnant, and I gave birth literally in the middle of the initial two-month coursework. The outcome depends solely on the student; the more diligent you are, the better results you get. I was able to get about 5-6 competing offers, including a couple from FAANG. I am very happy for all the support and confidence IK has given me! I joined Apple after completing the course.”

Interview Kickstart Course Reviews

It is important to note that the cost of the course depends on several factors, such as the domain of the student, the student’s target role and experience, the student’s chosen pathway, and the payment method. Students can choose from 18 domains, which are: full stack engineering, test engineering, back-end engineering, front-end engineering, data engineering, data analyst & business analyst, iOS engineering, android engineering, embedded systems, security engineering, data science, machine learning, technical program manager, product manager in technology, site reliability engineering, AWS cloud solutions architecture, early engineering, and engineering manager.

IK has three kinds of programs. The Switch Up program is designed to teach students a new domain, allowing them to move to a new technology position at a Tier-1 tech company. The program is the flagship interview prep program with live classes and mentoring sessions by FAANG and Tier 1 hiring managers. The StepUp programs are the fast track versions of the LevelUp programs for those looking to prepare for interviews quickly - within 3 months.

The Switch Up program requires around 11 months to prepare for interviews as it enables students to learn an entirely new domain, helping them make the switch to a Tier-1 company. There are two alternatives: to become an AI/ML data scientist or an AI/ML engineer.

As previously announced, the program to become an AI/ML data scientist comprises two parts, with the first part involving the mastering data science concepts with multiple hands-on projects, including a capstone project, and the second part is meant to prepare students for data science interviews at top tech companies. The program for becoming an AI/ML engineer also has two parts: part one is mastering machine learning, while part two is interview preparation for machine learning engineering roles at Tier 1 companies.

Founded in 2014, Interview Kickstart is a new kind of school, providing courses that assist students in not only preparing for their technical interviews when applying for a technology job but also in transitioning to new, in-demand domains like machine learning. Students are coached on what they can do to prepare for the interview that will help them join a technology company, boost their position in a company, or transfer to a technology role in their company. IK has already succeeded in assisting more than 15,000 experienced engineers, TPMs, Product Managers and Analysts due to its proven strategy of helping the students fully grasp the core fundamentals of their profession. Gauging how well an applicant understands such core fundamentals is frequently used as a way to assess the technical knowledge of engineers during the interviews. IK can also offer advice to engineers on how to present themselves on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles, particularly when preparing for the interviews. Interview Kickstart alumni have been receiving job offers from FAANG and Tier-1 technology companies, with salaries improving from $75,000 to $200,000 for those who leveled up.

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