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Insurance Navy Brokers recently published a blog post that explores how much trouble a driver can get into for driving under the influence (DUI). Getting caught in this state, for most people, is only the first (and least impactful) stage in a series of long-lasting and far-reaching consequences, so it is in every driver’s best interest to avoid it.

A DUI is when a person operates a vehicle while under the effects of alcohol or any other substance. Often, people who drive under the influence of certain substances pose a significant threat to themselves and others on the road, which is why driving under the influence is a very serious offense with very correspondingly grave consequences. The penalties for a DUI have been known to affect both the mental and financial state of the person in question, and the law’s response becomes increasingly unforgiving depending on how much harm comes to other people or property while driving under the influence.

“How much time you spend in jail following a DUI depends on both the state you live in and the circumstances surrounding your conviction,” says the blog post. “Your jail sentence can greatly vary. Many states have set a mandatory minimum time you must spend in jail following a DUI conviction. Even if it is your first DUI offense, you may spend a couple of days in jail, which does not seem like a lot but carries its own consequences. If the circumstances of your DUI conviction are severe, you may spend six months or longer in jail. Everything only escalates if you have injured someone while under the influence or if you have multiple DUI convictions on your record. It is possible to spend several years in jail following a DUI should a judge feel it is needed. This can especially be the case if you have killed someone while driving under the influence. That adds a whole other layer to your DUI and has even greater consequences.”

One may also face a fine for a DUI, and it should be noted that there are a lot of fines tied to this particular offense. DUI consequences can range anywhere from $500 to $2000 on average and can even be higher based on the circumstances of the case. Damaging property, endangering a child or any of a number of other factors can greatly increase the amount that the convicted individual is made to pay. Court fees and other fines also add to this amount. Further, the convicted person’s insurance company may also require that certain fees be paid as well.

One of the most serious penalties discussed in the blog post is a restriction on one’s driving privileges. “In pretty much every state, you will lose your driving privileges for a set period of time, even if it is your first DUI offense,” says the blog article. “Your license could also be suspended for simply refusing to take the field sobriety test when suspected of a DUI. In some states, you can apply for a ‘hardship license,’ which allows you to only drive to and from school or work. However, for any other errand, you will have to find a different way to get there. This can be seriously taxing for both you and your loved ones, who now may be responsible for driving you around. DUI convictions do not only affect yourself but everyone around you.” The blog post goes on to talk about several other potential consequences of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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