Indiana Title Loans Is Giving An Economic Update Based On 2021 Projections For The Evansville Economy

Indiana Title Loans is providing updates on the progress that Evansville, Indiana, has made over the last year as the city’s economy bounced back from the debilitating effects of the 2020 pandemic. Evansville readers who want to find out more about Indiana Title Loans can head over to the link:

Indiana Title Loans is highlighting the predictions made in a winter 2021 report titled “Evansville Forecast 2022” that was published by the Indiana Business Review. The author of the report, Mohammed Khayum, Ph.D., is the Professor of Economics and Provost at the University of Southern Indiana. The report began by acknowledging that the COVID-19-induced economic slowdown turned out to be short-lived and the economic recovery that Evansville showed in 2021 was projected to continue throughout 2022.

The report then lists several investments, totaling $844 million, that were made in the city’s business ecosystem in 2021. The windfall investments also brought along with them over 1,500 new jobs to the city. The biggest contributor to the Evansville economy in 2021 was Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana which set aside $803 million in future capital investment toward the introduction of new vehicle production and supplier retooling while also creating 1,400 new jobs. Plastics manufacturing company Berry Global also expanded through $37.6 million in future capital investment and added 94 new jobs. Moore Metal Works, Heliponix, and Windstream Holdings also made capital investments totaling $3.4 million.

In 2021, the nominal personal income for Evansville residents is estimated to have increased by 6.5%, and the real gross metro product is estimated to have increased by 6.3%. The report also projected the number of jobs in Evansville to increase by 4,700 in 2022. According to the latest figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by May 2022, employment in Evansville, IN-KY, had increased to 154,700 compared to 152,300 at the start of 2022. Therefore, within the first 5 months of 2022 itself, the city had surpassed more than half the total number of new jobs for the year, as forecasted by Professor Khayum’s report.

"We hope the challenges of the economy soon improve for every resident," a spokesperson for Indiana Title Loans was quoted as saying. Evansville residents who want to learn more about what the community is saying about the financial services provided by Indiana Title Loans can head over to its Google My Business page at to read reviews from past clients.

2021 was undoubtedly a good year for the Evansville economy as a whole but the progress didn’t benefit everyone in equal measure. The city gained jobs in sectors such as manufacturing, finance and insurance, professional, scientific, and technical services, and accommodation and food services. At the same time, the city saw job losses in mining, retail trade, and government.

Evansville residents, who were not lucky enough to find employment as the city’s economy stabilized after the 2020 downturn, might find themselves living paycheck to paycheck due to inflation which kicked into high gear around mid-2021. With rising gas and grocery prices, one might feel overwhelmed if they are ever on the hook for an unexpected expense that they didn’t plan for. This can include everything from high medical bills to home repairs.

Indiana Title Loans is helping Evansville residents who are stuck in such financial dire straits. The company offers up to $50,000 of funds against the title of the applicant’s car. Applicants can expect approval for their case within 15 minutes and can receive the funds in their bank account within 24 hours. The company only asks that its applicants be 18 years or older, have the proper documentation for their own identity as well as the ownership of the vehicle, and have a monthly income of $1500 or more. The application can be started by filling out a simple form online and is also open to those with bad credit.

More information about Indiana Title Loans and the fast and affordable financial services that it offers in Evansville can be found on its website.


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