IES Texas Solar Examines the Cash Option as One of the Commercial Solar Panel Financing Options

IES Texas Solar, a company based in Rowlett, TX, has announced the publication of a new blog post that features an interview with Justin Charles, who is the Energy Solutions Manager at IES and has been in the solar industry for approximately 12 years. In this blog post, Justin Charles discusses the cash option for financing a commercial solar panel installation. The cash option is one of the most common ways that business owners can think of when thinking of establishing a solar panel installation.

First of all, Justin Charles explains that their goal is always to help the client decrease energy consumption before considering energy production and taking into account the economical and affordable ways of accomplishing that. While the cash option can offer several benefits, such as a quicker way of having the solar installation completed, savings through avoidance of interest rates and third party expenses, and access to solar incentives, there are also some disadvantages. Overall, it is possible to get 45 to 50 percent of the solar system covered by government incentives. However, this requires a lot of upfront capital and the company must have a lot of tax due. If the company only has a little tax liability, the company can hardly benefit from the tax credit, which is non-refundable.

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Justin Charles explains, “As we look at these opportunities (for solar installation), we’re going to see a decreased cost of capital to the consumer but at the same time, a slightly diminished ROI to the consumer. So, each option (financing) makes it slightly less appetizing from a payback scenario but it makes it much more appetizing from ability to afford and get in the door. And the reason why is because you’re shifting responsibility and cost scenarios away from the consumer to somebody else. The first scenario was obviously just cash, go out, buy the system, pay for it in cash, take advantage of the tax credits and that gives you the best return on investment that you could possibly imagine.”

Justin Charles believes that solar is a stable and phenomenal financial investment for almost all kinds of business and that the best way to really figure out whether it is truly suitable for one’s business is to discuss it with a consultant. It may be a good idea to begin by getting them for at least one but preferably 12 months of the business’ electric bills and then observe what kind of opportunity it can provide in terms of savings. And then the consultant from IES can determine where to find the most suitable commercial solar panel financing vehicle for the business. If the cash option turns out to be the inappropriate option, there are many other ways to do it without out-of-pocket costs.

Founded in 1973 as Houston-Stafford Electric, IES has quickly grown into one of the biggest and most reputable electrical contracting companies providing their services throughout the USA, but most particularly in the state of Texas. It was in the early 2000s when the company began examining the possibility of providing solar installations and they have been providing the complete turnkey process since 2012. They offer a broad range of services, such as: solar design and installation services; voice, data, and video design and installation; and security and fire alarm systems monitoring and installation.

IES Texas Solar offers both residential and commercial solar panel installation services. There are a number of factors that make IES stand out among other providers of commercial solar panel installation. These include: the fact that IES is an industry leader in both commercial and residential solar installations; their proven experience, having provided such services since 2010 and completing more than 1,500 solar installations in Texas; and provision of a turn-key installation.

People who would like to know more about solar panel financing options can visit the IES Texas Solar website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can also access the blog post and listen to the full interview. They are actively growing their business and accepting new clients.


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