Icarus Behavioral Health Stresses Ability to Offer Treatment for Meth Psychosis

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Icarus Behavioral Health, an alcohol and drug rehab community in Albuquerque, NM, would like to emphasize its ability to offer meth psychosis treatment. Meth psychosis is one of the conditions that arise as a result of the use of crystal meth. For many of these individuals, the start of meth psychosis is a scary event for their loved ones and families. This is because of the user’s irrational behavior and beliefs that often lead to increasingly dangerous acts, that are detached from reality and often without taking into account their safety or that of their loved ones. The clinical team has frequently encountered meth psychosis while providing meth treatment services.

Meth psychosis is a condition of the meth user that occurs due to long-term methamphetamine abuse or heavy use of the drug in a short period of time. Typically, psychiatric treatment is needed for meth psychosis but this will be based on the severity of the episode. When meth psychosis will begin cannot be predicted. Some may develop meth psychosis overnight after binging on meth while some will develop the condition over a long period of time, with the symptoms worsening over time. Basically, the intensity of the high that they experience has become too much for the person to bear mentally and they will start to have unsavory thoughts and these become their focus.

Icarus Behavioral Health in Albuquerque New Mexico

The result of meth psychosis is that the user becomes more violent and may try to hurt themselves or other people. Usually, this will pass after the high has died down but can be resumed right after meth is used again. Repetitions of this process can result in long-term mental health issues. It is therefore understandable that schizophrenia and meth psychosis are closely related. That is why schizoaffective disorder care is also provided by Icarus Behavioral Health through its dual diagnosis treatment service.

Dual-diagnosis treatment is a type of therapy that is administered for co-occurring disorders. A co-occurring disorder is the presence of a substance abuse issue in conjunction with a mental health disorder. However, they want to warn everyone that there is no such thing as a blanket recovery option. Various elements of treatment will need to come together for clients to attain genuine long-term recovery. They want to point out that long-term recovery from meth and meth psychosis is indeed possible with the appropriate mental health treatment, substance abuse education, and provision of a truly strong support system. At Icarus Behavioral Health, they are capable and ready to provide all of those elements.

Their staff members have years of experience in assisting and guiding clients as they strive to attain long lasting recovery, so they know what is really needed for individuals to make it to that point. Through a strong combination of one-on-one therapy and group therapy, including medication alternatives, they are able to help clients take their life back.

Meanwhile, stimulant detox is a process where all traces of a stimulant is eliminated from the body of the user. This is done through at-home detox or medically-assisted detox. Detox is vital because abstinence may not be achieved without it due to the challenges presented by the withdrawal symptoms.

Icarus Behavioral Health has the goal of becoming the substance abuse treatment provider of choice for clients and families in the state of New Mexico. And they were able to achieve this leadership status in behavioral healthcare by providing top quality personalized and evidence-based treatment for a broad range of substance use and mental health issues. They also aim to take advantage of the benefits inherent in their location in the attractive landscape of New Mexico and the Southwestern United States to enhance and augment the recovery journey of their clients. Because of intensive knowledge of the needs of their community, in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, including throughout the Southwest, they also serve as an essential resource for maternal mental wellness or mental health for mothers.

When in need of information on stimulant detox Albuquerque residents can check out the website of Icarus Behavioral Health, or contact them on the telephone any time of day or night.


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