Holistic Teeth Whitening Experts Weigh In On Safety Concerns

NSW based Sydney Holistic Dental Centre wishes to help their community learn whether teeth whitening treatments are safe for the body. Many have expressed concerns that such treatments can have toxic consequences, and the clinic hopes to settle the matter once and for all.

Patients who have visited the clinic in the past or who have looked up their services will likely be aware that the clinic offers a holistic teeth whitening service. Since their top priority is always their patients’ wellbeing, the clinic only provides treatments and services that their expert dental team has determined to be safe (often alongside the recommendation of the wider community of dentists). Teeth whitening services offered by a licensed dental practice, therefore, are perfectly safe, and they represent one of the best options for fixing tooth discoloration in a straightforward and cost-effective manner.

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The clinic does clarify that tooth whitening products use chemicals that are not harmful when used properly. Improper use, it then follows, may pose some risk, such as in cases where the whitening agent is ingested in large enough quantities. This is one reason the clinic advises their community to exercise caution if they use commercially available whitening products, but misuse can also result in damage to the tooth enamel.

Furthermore, tooth whitening is not recommended for children under 15 years of age and pregnant or lactating women. The clinic also advises their community to steer clear of whitening products that require use of whitening gels overnight.

However, the risk is virtually nonexistent if the patient chooses to have their teeth corrected by a licensed dentist, and there are many advantages to taking this route. On one hand, the products available to clinics are generally more effective, so the patient can expect their teeth to retain their preferred colour for longer periods following a whitening procedure. Second, since the treatment is being carried out by a professional, the patient needs only to relax and let their dentist take care of them.

At Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, the team goes a step further, taking the patient’s complete physical needs into account instead of simply checking their dental health to determine suitability. In every case, the clinic begins by assessing the patient’s condition, running a shade assessment and creating custom-made whitening trays. Patients can then choose one of two options: to obtain an at-home whitening kit or have their cosmetic dentist perform an in-chair whitening.

Crucially, the at-home option still comes with the dentist’s express instructions and advice, and patients are invited to raise all concerns before they leave. They are unlikely to receive as much direction if they use an off-the-shelf product. The clinic says this option is more convenient for some patients, but the potential downside is that it can take between 1-2 weeks for the desired results to be achieved.

Conversely, the patient can receive their whitening in the dental chair for much faster results, and Sydney Holistic Dental Centre says this is a popular option when patients have an event coming up that they want to look their best for. An at-home whitening pack is included with this service, and patients may use it for touch-ups.

Whether patients select the at-home or in-chair option, Sydney Holistic Dental Centre wishes to give them every opportunity to make an informed decision regarding their dental health and the appearance of their smile. While patients can indeed experience some success with store-bought whitening products, the clinic reminds their community that there is no need for them to undertake this process alone. With a dentist by their side, every step of their whitening will be carried out flawlessly, and this will be reflected in a brilliant smile.

Local residents who want to check whether they are eligible for a professional, safe and affordable tooth whitening service are welcome to contact Sydney Holistic Dental Centre today to schedule a consultation and assessment. Here, they can discuss their goals with their dentist and clear up any remaining concerns regarding safety.

The Sydney Holistic Dental Centre website has more information on tooth whitening as well as the clinic’s other dental procedures. Patients and other interested parties are welcome to reach out via phone or email. Sydney Holistic Dental Centre is also active on several social media platforms.


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