Greenwald Law Can Offer Help for People Accused of Sex Crimes, Drug Crimes, and Other Criminal Charges

Greenwald Law, a firm based in Middletown, NY, and headed by Attorney Benjamin Greenwald, is ready to provide legal help to individuals accused of criminal sexual conduct, drug crimes, DWI/DUI, arson, and other criminal charges. Attorney Greenwald defends the rights of the accused, who may have just been unfortunate to have found themselves in a situation where they were accused of a crime. Unlike other criminal defense lawyers in Orange County, NY, he has never worked as a prosecutor for the government. He has focused during his entire career on protecting the rights of the accused even in the most difficult situations, doing everything he can within the limits of the law to attain a successful result for his clients.

Attorney Greenwald is an experienced sex crimes lawyer. He says, “Merely being accused of committing a sex crime can damage a person’s reputation and cause a great deal of stress and pain. If you are being investigated for any type of sex crime, or if you are already facing charges, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will help you put together an aggressive defense. At our law office, which serves clients throughout Orange County, New York, we can provide that defense.”

There are various charges on sexual misconduct that people may face. These include: rape, attempted rape and statutory rape; prostitution and loitering; crimes against children; lewd conduct, peeking and indecent exposure; failure to register as a sex offender; and possession of illegal pornography. Attorney Greenwald understands the science of DNA evidence and is capable of disputing the evidence that may be presented. He is also knowledgeable in using high tech tools to attain successful outcomes for clients charged with sex crimes. For instance, a recent successful case involved a client who was found to have thousands of child pornography images on his PC.

Arson is another serious charge that a person may face. There are five levels of arson charges in the State of New York. Arson is defined as setting fire to a property or buildings without consent and this is broken down into different levels based on potential injury to other people. Because of the potential harm to other people and its destructiveness, the New York District Attorney’s Office has very strict tolerance for this particular type of crime. Thus, it is essential for those accused of arson to immediately contact a law firm like Greenwald Law - Criminal Lawyer Middletown NY.

Meanwhile, DWI or DUI charges also need to be taken seriously because even a first offense can cause an individual to spend up to a year in jail, lose their driver’s license, pay fines and court fees, and be required to undergo alcohol screening. For these cases, prosecutors often depend on breath and blood tests to show that the accused was indeed drunk while driving. Attorney Greenwald is ready to offer defense even for situations that seem to be hopeless because of his vast experience and knowledge regarding anatomy and physiology. For example, the police may not have had a legal reason for stopping the accused or the breath testing equipment may have been improperly calibrated.

The Law Office of Benjamin Greenwald NY Criminal Defense Attorney is keen on ensuring that the rights and freedom of their clients are protected. Attorney Greenwald has already successful defended thousands of clients from the Orange County area. He has tried and won several cases at the state, county, and federal levels. He is always prepared to provide legal representation for those who were simply unlucky and found themselves in a situation where they got accused of a serious charge. He is a highly experienced trial lawyer and knowledgeable on what has to be done in the courtroom to provide a successful defense for his clients.

Residents of the Orange County, NY, who are interested in the services of a criminal defense lawyer can check out the Greenwald Law Office - Middletown New York website or contact them through the phone or by email. They are open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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