Global Consultants Remind Cyprus Companies of their Obligation to File Audited Financial Statements until 2022

Limassol, Cyprus: Cyprus businesses, both active and dormant, must prepare and submit audited financial statements until the year 2022 or risk incurring penalties and fines—even closure. GlobalServe Consultants are premier accounting professionals in Cyprus who can help businesses stay compliant by preparing and submitting their financial statements on time.

Audited financial statement preparation is a critical aspect of any business operation. It is a reflection of the company’s performance and well-being that must be reviewed by an independent auditor in order to accurately assess the financial position of the company. One such auditor is GlobalServe Consultants, an esteemed group of accounting professionals in Cyprus with over 20 years of experience preparing and filing audited financial statements for businesses of all sizes.

The professionals at GlobalServe Consultants understand the importance of filing these financial statements on time and are urging Cyprus companies to submit their documents to both the Registrar of Companies and the Tax Authorities by 2022 in order to stay compliant and avoid any potential penalties or fines. By leveraging the team’s decades of expertise, businesses can rest assured that their financial statements will be prepared accurately and in accordance with Cyprus law.

For maintaining proper accounting books and records, supporting documents and information must be provided to GlobalServe Consultants. These include, but are not limited to, bank account statements, closing stocks, and invoices. Once the audit is completed, GlobalServe Consultants will submit the financial statement on behalf of the client and provide proof that the documents have been submitted correctly.

Furthermore, GlobalServe Consultants provide more than just financial statement preparation services; they also offer VAT and other tax filing services, as well as consultancy services tailored to their client’s unique business needs. Their knowledgeable staff can help businesses ensure that all their paperwork is filed accurately in order to avoid any potential delays or confusion on the part of the government.

Representing the best in professional accounting services, GlobalServe Consultants are trusted advisors to their clients. With an experienced team of professionals and their commitment to excellent service, GlobalServe Consultants can help businesses ensure that all their financial documents are filed correctly and on time—allowing them to focus on running the day-to-day operations of their business.

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