Glass & Mirror Shop Brings Elegant Solutions To Tri Cities Clientele

TN based Gatsby Glass of Tri-Cities is pleased to bring their team’s indoor glass solutions to clients in Kingsport, Johnson City and Bristol as well as the surrounding areas. Those who require custom glass installations are invited to contact the team today to discuss a project outline. See more here: Visit Company Website.

According to the company, those who are learning about Gatsby Glass for the first time may gain a broad understanding of the team’s capabilities by remembering the following: If a piece of glass can be used indoors, Gatsby Glass can design it, manufacture it and install it. As a premier glass solutions franchise, Gatsby Glass is able to create glasswork for a variety of purposes, ranging from practical (and beautiful) installations to those that deliver an exclusively aesthetic advantage.

Their work to date includes shower and bathroom enclosures, custom mirrors, countertops, glass railings, room enclosures and more. Clients have also used the company to create all manner of glass partitions — or even entire walls.

“Glass brings a timeless touch of elegance to any setting,” says Gatsby Glass, “and the glasswork we create builds on that foundation to introduce an exquisitely graceful ambiance to the rooms we are asked to transform. We invite you to take a look at our prior work, at any installation you can find online and other sources to become inspired by the extraordinary limits glasswork can reach. When you’re sure you have an idea of what you want, come talk to us. We’ll help you turn those initial ideas into works of art you will be delighted to live with.”

Gatsby Glass’ industry focus, custom glass installations, means they are obliged to work closely with clients to determine exactly what the end result should look like. While the company is happy to take the lead and let their experienced team create beautiful pieces that meet the functional purpose of any project, the team says a result often benefits (and is appreciated more) when the client is more involved. This is especially true in residential installations where the client has a personal relationship with the property in question.

On top of the design, Gatsby Glass recognizes that no client wants to feel like their time is being wasted. The company makes it a point to condense all their technical work into short, straightforward language that any client can understand regardless of their prior experience with construction or glasswork. All challenges and their proposed solutions are communicated in this way, keeping the client up to date at all times (and never under the impression that they do not understand how their installation may be progressing).

The company’s attention to detail, their client-first policies and their sheer technical ability have made them a favorite with every client who considers themselves fortunate to have worked with Gatsby Glass. Many attest that the ease of talking to the team was outstripped only by the quality of their work.

“We used Gatsby Glass,” one client shares, “to install the frameless glass door and accompanying glass for our new master bath renovation, and they did an awesome job. They did a great job communicating their schedule, and they stuck to that schedule. Amazing!”

Moreover, the company is proud to acknowledge that many of their new clients learn about Gatsby Glass through word-of-mouth. As another client says, “Gatsby did the frameless shower screen for a bathroom my husband and I renovated ourselves. When asking our friends and family for referrals, theirs was the only name that kept coming up! It looks amazing, and they were in and out in less than two hours. Definitely recommend them to anyone!”

Thanks to modern technology, the company is able to create digital previews of proposed installations to help clients visualize what the final result will look like. After taking precise measurements (upon receiving the go-ahead), the team will set about completing the installation to the highest standards possible.

Anyone who would like to start this process in their own home or business may contact Gatsby Glass today to schedule a consultation. More information can be found here: Visit Web Site.


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