Geddie Tree And Land Service Continuing to Get 5-star Reviews On a Wide Variety of Jobs

Geddie Tree and Land Service has been providing important tree and other services to those in the Hattiesburg, Mississippi area for many years now. In that time, they have become the go-to tree services provider for many in the company’s wide-ranging service. The quality of this company’s work has even led them to receive many glowing reviews on several of its specialty tree and land services. The company owner, Jesse Geddie, says, “We have tried very hard to be a tree and land services company that does not become known for just one aspect of these types of services. Instead, we are proud to have received glowing review scores on many of the different specialty tree and land services that we offer. We will continue to do whatever it takes to stay among the best in our Mississippi area at doing important tree and land-related services.”

The company owner went on to talk about some of the services they offer that have a long list of satisfied customers. Something that starts with the company’s tree removal services. He gave much of the credit for the company’s success in this area to their skilled and knowledgeable tree removal crews. Crews that always keep safety at the forefront and know how to land a tree where it poses no risk to people or property. A 5-star review from Stacy Jordan reflects the thorough way that Geddie Tree and Land Service goes about removing trees for its customers. She states in it, “Jay and his team were professional, timely, and communicated throughout the process. They removed three trees for me and ground down the stumps afterward. Thanks for doing a fantastic job!”

Geddie Tree and Land Service tree services

Geddie also brought up his company's reputable tree trimming and pruning services. Once again, he pointed out that their crews in this specialty tree service area are led by experienced techs that know how to trim each of the species of trees that are found around Hattiesburg and the right time of year to trim them. He spoke about how their tree trimming and pruning services not only help a yard look better but how they also promote overall tree, grass, and plant health in a landscape setting. It’s a service that has also garnered its share of favorable reviews. PB wrote, “I’ve used Geddie’s services many times and they have always done a fantastic job. They really are tree specialists! Jay and his team are very professional and have that special skill/eye to know when/how to prune just the right amount off a tree. They’ll also leave your property so clean you’ll wonder if they did anything, except for leaving your trees healthier and better looking. I’ve had to call them for a tree emergency (tree fell) too. They took care of us, even on a holiday! I was introduced to this company by a recommendation from a friend many years ago. I’ve only called Geddie since then and I have used the company many times! I am still trying to repay that friend for his recommendation.”

The company owner went on to say that they have received similar types of positive reviews on their land clearing, site prep, brush removal, and bulldozer services. He talked about how they are also proud to be known as a company that does more than quality tree and land work. Something that starts with how fair the company’s pricing is. Geddie stated, “At Geddie Tree & Land Services we are motivated to earn your business through our very competitive, all-inclusive, pricing structure. There are never any unexpected fees.” He also mentioned that they know how to treat their customers the right way when working for them and going the extra mile for a customer is the norm for them. This sentiment is backed up by a glowing review by Amy Allen that proclaims, “A Great company! Fantastic Job. They are professional, have great communication, and do overall outstanding work. This group is rare. They have recaptured the lost art of ‘work ethic’. I just don’t see this much in many types of companies these days. Thank you, Jay & crew!! Those that would like to know more about Geddie Tree and Land Service in Mississippi and the specialty services it offers can contact the company by phone, email, or by using the form that’s found on its website.


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