Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Tony Salamay Builds Rapport With Community

The Panama City, FL based Bay Clinic of Chiropractic is steadily improving its reputation for offering a conscientious service to all who visit its premises. No matter how minor or complicated a patient’s condition may be, the clinic’s staff make sure their concerns are heard and acknowledged throughout treatment. Notably, the team has also received excellent feedback online for their efforts.

As any business owner will know, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve and maintain a perfect score on any review platform, especially given that a minority of clients or customers can offset the overall score as a result of circumstances that may be outside the business’ control. However, some organizations and companies strive to make up for this by going the extra mile for the communities they serve, and this can in turn be reflected in their review scores. As such, those who wish to visit the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic will be pleased to learn that the team’s hard work has helped them achieve a perfect review score — and it is now widely accepted that anyone who wants a caring chiropractor should come here.

Advance Chiropractic Care

Notably, many of the clinic’s patients were so impressed with their experience that they shared detailed accounts of their time at the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic. An excerpt from one such review states, “Bay Clinic of Chiropractic has literally changed my life, first by properly diagnosing and treating my adrenal fatigue, then establishing a plan to improve and maintain my overall health. This was my first experience with functional medicine, a holistic approach to treating the whole person, instead of just the symptom. Dr. Salamay is not just a chiropractor; his expertise far exceeds that label.” The full review offers more insight, and those interested may benefit from looking up the other patients’ responses as well.

To those who have visited already, the reasons for this are obvious. The clinic treats a number of conditions, and their services cover Chiropractic Neurology, Functional Medicine, Clinical Nutrition and Applied Kinesiology. Patients often come to the clinic after finding themselves unable to work with other healthcare providers, and one of the most common reasons is simply that the patient’s account of their symptoms was not believed. The clinic says this is especially notable in cases where the patient suffers from chronic pain or fatigue, and certain providers may simply give up even if they do agree with the patient’s assessment that something is wrong.

However, as a reputable center for chiropractic care, the Bay Clinic of Chiropractic has successfully worked with patients who were previously unable to find relief. The team focuses on each patient’s overall physiological and neurological function, and their treatments are capable of addressing injuries sustained from sports and auto accidents, insomnia, TMJ, migraines and headaches, digestive disorders, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances and much more. In every case, their ultimate goal is to restore optima function in the body.

Another review says, “I highly recommend Bay Clinic of Chiropractic. Dr Salamay and his staff are great! Dr. Salamay will answer every question that you might have without hesitation. I started my therapies over a month ago. My shoulders, neck and back were giving me problems since I’ve been practicing different combat sports for years now. After just a few visits, my mobility and posture started to improve. I can feel how every week my body is adjusting back to 100%. Don’t hesitate and go try it for yourself. You won’t regret it.”

The team always moves forward with respect to the fact that each patient is unique and has personal needs that have to be addressed during treatment. The clinic says that new patients will typically undergo a series of careful tests to determine what the matter is, and any insight they have to share will be added to their file. Such tests may include a cognitive evaluation, oxygen saturation monitoring, blood chemistry analysis and more.

The Bay Clinic of Chiropractic encourages everyone to schedule a consultation today if they have pressing health concerns. Even if other healthcare providers have turned them away in the past, a patient will always be welcome here.


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