Florida Divorce Attorney Russell Knight Explains Whether an Annulment Is Possible in Florida

Florida divorce attorney Russell Knight releases a new article (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/can-i-get-an-annulment-in-florida/) that explains whether an annulment is possible in Florida. The lawyer mentions that “Black’s Law Dictionary” defines annulment as “when an event or judgment is treated as if it never happened”. This means that an annulment makes a marriage disappear as though it never existed.

According to the Florida divorce attorney, “An annulment means you or your spouse cannot invoke the many rights available in a divorce…because the marriage never happened after an annulment is entered by the courts.”

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The lawyer explains that a couple may look into annulment if getting a divorce is not the best option for them. Some people may want an annulment for personal or religious reasons. In the article, attorney Russell Knight adds that there are a few options to annul a marriage.

In the article, attorney Russell Knight enumerates the reasons for annulment in Florida. These reasons include fraud, duress, and bigamy. For fraud, attorney Knight explains that this is the making of intentional misrepresentation. This basically means that the other person lied to get the other person to marry them.

The divorce attorney explains that if a person wants to use fraud as a ground to annul the marriage, the important question is “was the thing that you were lied to about important enough?” In Florida, not disclosing that someone has been married or is still married before marrying someone else is considered fraud. However, failure to disclose a serious medical condition is not considered fraud.

“Duress is when there is some level of pressure so strong that it removed the willful consent to the marriage of the party asking for the annulment,” says the divorce attorney. “The duress can’t be just one instance. It has to be throughout the entire process of the wedding. Essentially, the shotgun has to be present at the entire shotgun wedding.”

Lastly, attorney Knight says in Florida, a person is not allowed to marry someone else if they’re still married to someone else. This is called bigamy and is an automatic ground for an annulment. Attorney Knight also mentions that it is very important for someone to seek the help of an experienced divorce attorney when they’re considering an annulment. Having a skilled lawyer may be able to help the client with important decisions regarding their marriage.

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