Find Addiction Rehabs: What Everyone Should Know About Alcohol Dementia

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Boca Raton, Florida based rehab resource website Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR) is encouraging their community to learn more about alcohol dementia. With an experienced team of recovering individuals, clinicians and support staff, Find Addiction Rehabs is dedicated to helping people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction find the best rehab centers in the US.

As Find Addiction Rehabs explains, dementia can present itself in many forms. ‘Alcohol dementia’ (or alcoholic/alcohol related dementia) refers to a specific type of dementia that is caused as the result of excessive alcohol use. Much like with other forms of dementia, those suffering from alcohol dementia often experience a significant impairment to their cognitive function abilities, including their thinking, recollecting, reasoning and mental skills. It is also not uncommon for these individuals to experience personality changes. Fortunately, unlike many other types of dementia, the effects of alcohol-related dementia can be mitigated with the right treatment process.

An older man throws back a shot of vodka, unsure if he is courting alcohol dementia

As suggested by the name, alcohol dementia is developed by regularly drinking above average levels of alcohol, or by partaking in binge-drinking (regularly bringing blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels at or above 0.08%). This often leads to nutritional deficiencies in chronic alcoholics, making these individuals more susceptible to brain damage. According to Find Addiction Rehabs, there are a number of factors that make a person more susceptible to alcohol dementia, including but not limited to age, head injuries, mental health issues, other health problems and other forms of substance abuse (everything from cigarettes to Xanax bars). Alcohol related dementia is typically associated with difficulties in normal cognitive function, which may be expressed through problems with task management, communication with others, problem solving, motivation and so on.

Find Addiction Rehabs says, “Alcohol dementia can be concerning, especially because you can’t diagnose it without full transparency from the person seeking treatment in regard to their drinking habits and a complicated assessment process. However, the good news is that if you want to seek help, alcohol dementia can indeed be treated.”

Find Addiction Rehab shares that treatment of alcohol dementia is possible through the use of drugs that have a similar effect on the brain as alcohol in order to ease withdrawal symptoms, which will be gradually reduced throughout their treatment, along with fluids and salts, as well as high doses of thiamine (vitamin B1) via injection. In addition to all of this and other medications, Far Addiction Rehab also says that therapy is also utilized to great effect.

SMART Recovery programs and its alternatives to the 12-Step programs give patients new and exciting options for recovery support that is gaining adherents rapidly in the United States and around the world. Find Addiction Rehab says, “Many people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol feel they have no power over their lives. Even though they might not like their behavioral patterns, they are in too deep and often do not see a way out. SMART Recovery programs help these people acquire and develop the skills they need to beat their addictions and change their lives for the better. SMART empowers individuals by giving them practical ways to effect long-term change. It can be effective for both individuals who choose recovery and those who have been mandated to enroll in a recovery program.”

The resource center’s compassionate team wants everyone to know that they are available, any time, day or night, to answer questions related to a loved one who may be facing alcoholic dementia and needing treatment. The team can explain the variety of options available and costs, availability of insurance coverage where applicable, and more to ensure that those who are seeking recovery can get started on the right foot.

Those who want to learn more about Find Addiction Rehabs and the wide range of services they provide — including their SMART Recovery programs and more — are welcome to visit their website. Interested parties can get in touch with them via the web portal on the Find Addiction Rehabs website as well. They may also call the FAR hotline. Find Addiction Rehabs maintains a social media presence, and they can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.


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