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Find Addiction Rehabs (FAR), which is based in Boca Raton, FL, and provides helpful resources on addiction and rehab facilities, has recently published a trio of articles to provide helpful information for people interested in helping their loved ones with a drug or alcohol dependency. The article explains how to get help for a loved one struggling with substances. In another article, which is a newly revised resource, the authors describe what a day in the life of a person struggling with an addiction is like. In the third article, they provide a survey of the most compelling documentary films on drug use and addiction.

The first article presents five ways to help a loved one struggling with an addiction. The first way is to determine if there is a need for addiction help. The second way is handling the loved one’s denial of addiction. A third way is convincing the loved one to seek treatment. The fourth way is to understand the basics of rehab. A fifth way is to understand what happens when the addiction treatment is court-ordered.

A woman walks from darkness to the light to show the concept of helping someone with drug addiction

A spokesperson for Find Addiction Rehabs says, “If you or a friend is fighting addiction to alcohol or drugs, become a problem solver and be proactive in seeking treatment. Most people who are dependent on substances cannot change alone. Use a soft approach to help your loved ones decide that they need to seek help. Finally, suggest that your loved one read positive stories of others who have struggled with addiction. This helps them learn that becoming sober is possible. It also helps them to get the motivation needed to take the first step. You don’t need to fight addiction alone. Call the expert, compassionate team at Find Addiction Rehabs now to find out the best way to help someone with addiction today.”

The article on what is daily life like with an addiction seeks to allow people to have a better understanding of how to help their loved one get on the road to recovery. According to the article, the life of someone with an addiction is filled with a lot of plotting and scheming. The plotting has to do with how to get the money for buying the needed drug. Oftentimes, the person struggling with an addiction is unable to get enough money to get the desired high and then would suffer from withdrawal symptoms for a number of hours before being able to take the drug. There are worse days such as when the drug dealer refuses to provide the drug without the payment upfront, and they would have to feel sick for hours. The result is that they would do anything to get the drug, which sometimes pushes them into a life of crime.

The third blog post presents a survey of the top documentaries and films about substance addiction. One such documentary is provided by The Vice channel in a series titled, “Addiction,” which provides a raw and unbiased view of addiction in real life. Another recommended documentary is the video that shows comedian Russell Brand reflecting on his addiction past in the wake of the fatal overdose of Amy Winehouse. Another top documentary video is titled “Overtaken,” which presents interviews with young people who almost died from abusing drugs or alcohol.

Find Addiction Rehabs keeps a website that functions as a helpful resource for individuals looking into drug and alcohol rehab services either for themselves or for their loved ones. This website is packed with expert articles and guest blogs that show the latest information on drug and alcohol rehab services in a number of locations in the US and the results of the most recent research on addiction, addictive substances, and modern rehab and treatment approaches. The FAR website is not the typical directory listing or directory website that only lists drug and alcohol rehab facilities and their contact details.

They are inviting individuals who are struggling with an addiction and are seeking placement in detox and inpatient services to reach out to them on the phone, which is available 24/7. Those who require more information, such as info on documentary films that look at drug use, can go to the Find Addiction Rehabs website or contact them through the telephone.


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