Exclusive Hawaii Addiction Treatment Center States Its a Viable Option for Those Seeking Holistic Rehab in California

Hakalau, Hawaii -

Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a Hakalau-based addiction treatment facility that is fast gaining in popularity because of its high success rate of placing its patients on the road to recovery. Something that is not only attracting those in Hawaii looking for a more exclusive type of rehab but those from the West Coast of the USA too. Evidence of this is that they are now becoming a very viable alternative to holistic rehab centers in California.

A spokesperson for Exclusive Hawaii Rehab stated, “A short flight can make a world of difference if you are looking for holistic rehab in California. While many fine facilities exist in CA for addiction treatment, those looking for truly world-class holistic approaches to mental health and substance misuse recovery should center their search on the Exclusive Hawaii Rehab.”

Find a holistic rehab for California that makes a world of difference - at Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

The rehab center spokesperson went on to say that they offer a full range of bespoke treatment options that are centered around each of their client’s individual needs. This includes being a holistic treatment center that most often focuses on naturopathic medicine. A big part of their treatments also centers around the whole person instead of just a person’s addiction. Nutritional Therapy plays a big role in healing the body as a patient goes through the process of detox and recovery from substance abuse and eating disorders. He also talked about their use of Transformational Healing during their treatments. It’s part of Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s belief that true recovery requires fundamental change. They also can provide safe and comfortable detox, massage & acupuncture, non-12-step therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, bodywork, yoga, and classroom settings that offer nature immersion. This rehab also places a huge emphasis on personal development which is thought to help a patient establish a foundation for reprogramming destructive thought patterns and building self-awareness.

According to the rehab center spokesperson, what they have to offer does not start and end with their innovative addiction therapies and treatments. Guided tours and outings are also standard fair for those that rehab with them. He went on to say that there is something therapeutic and magic about their location itself. Anyone that has been to the state of Hawaii knows of its unmatched beauty. That’s why Cali residents to those searching for something different than holistic rehabs in Oregon, are now looking into coming to them for addiction and other treatments. This exquisite rehab simply brings a wealth of resources and life-changing experiences that local rehab facilities in cities on the west coast cannot match.

This rehab facility’s spokesperson also had a message for those that might automatically think they could not afford to get addiction treatment from Exclusive Hawaii Rehab. He stated that people come to them for treatments from all walks of life. That’s because they now accept many forms of private insurance. He said many who thought the cost of the treatment at this addiction therapy center was too exorbitant for them ended up going through their program as a result of their insurance covering a portion of the costs. The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s spokesperson added that all it takes for an addiction sufferer to learn the cost of a rehab stay with them is a quick and completely confidential call. During that call, a staff member will let the person know all the costs associated with attending their treatment facility, as well as the availability of slots at their exclusive 8-bed rehab center. He acknowledged that while some Seattle luxury rehabs are cheaper, they simply cannot match all that their pristine Hawaii rehab center has to offer. The spokesperson urged West Coast USA citizens that are struggling with addiction to inquire now about a space in their life-changing rehab center.”

Those that have experienced Exclusive Hawaii Rehab’s treatment programs for themselves often express great satisfaction in reviews. Ty Laird proclaimed, “This was one of the best experiences of my life! The staff here were great. They go above and beyond to help you recover. They were able to get to the root of my addiction. The excursions and sightseeing multiple times a week were a big bonus too. I've been to many rehabs and this by far has been the best.”


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