Announces Professional ERTC Services For Small Business Owners Nationally

Carmel, Indiana based ERTC GOV is reaching out to the wider community to announce the importance of only submitting audit-proof level documentation to the IRS. ERTC GOV is dedicated to ensuring that small and medium businesses across the nation get their Employee Retention Tax Credit through a reputable ERTC firm. Learn more about the company and their services at their website:

As ERTC GOV explains, the Employee Retention Tax Credit was established by the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, and it provides a credit to business owners based on qualified employee wages and health plan expenses paid after March 12, 2020 and before Oct 1st, 2021.


In 2020, a credit is available up to $5,000 per employee from 3/12/20 to 12/31/20 by an eligible employer. That is a potential of up to $5,000 per employee. In 2021 the ERC increased to $7,000 paid per employee per quarter for Q1, Q2, and Q3. That is a potential of up to $26,000 per employee. Start-up businesses that began operations after February 15, 2020 can take a credit of up to $50,000 in both the third and fourth quarters of 2021 for a maximum credit of $100,000.

ERTC GOV points out that while the Employee Retention Tax Credit was created in the CARES act along with the PPP Loans — ERTC does not function as a similar amount would with a lender, and as such, there is no repayment required. There are also no restrictions about what recipients of the credit must use the funds for.

The process of getting ERTC through ERTC GOV is very simple and straightforward. The first step is to complete the questionnaire on the ERTC GOV website that has 10 simple questions. ERTC GOV will email users a secure link to an application questionnaire. Once it is filled in, users may upload all relevant data, such as 941 returns, PPP loan documents and raw payroll data, via the website’s secure portal. ERTC GOV will then do the credit calculation and prepare and help users file the 941-X Amended payroll returns. Once this process is complete, users simply need to wait for the IRS to process their credit and mail them a check.

Mark Sullivan of ERTC GOV says, “When we started ERTC GOV, we knew there were many ERTC firms that did not provide solid and credible ERTC services to their clients. They didn't focus on protecting their clients from being audited, so we made that our mission — to provide audit-proof documentation with each client's claim submission. Each claim is handled by a CPA that only works on ERTC till the program is over. And then a 2nd CPA confirms these results, ensuring an accurate claim is submitted to the IRS.”

He continues, “ERTC GOV has discovered that nonprofits tend not to know about this money and their eligibility, so we have made our focus on exposing the program to churches and nonprofits. What better places to have relief money go to than to organizations that directly benefit our communities?”

ERTC GOV guarantees to maximize refundable credits for local and small- to medium-sized businesses. The company has worked hard to ensure that the commitment on the business’ part is as simple as one questionnaire and just a few documents to upload. ERTC GOV also does not require any upfront fees to get qualified; any and all fees are 100% contingent on the users’ refund. ERTC GOV also provides audit-proof documentation for IRS support — which other firms do not offer at all. Similarly, no other CPA firms offer Rapid Rebate™ either.

ERTC GOV specializes in maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits for small business owners. The company does not prepare income taxes, compile financial statements or provide attestation services of any kind. When a business engages ERTC GOV, they can rest assured that they have hired the best CPA firm to lock in this one-time opportunity for a large refund check from the IRS.

Those who want to learn more about ERTC GOV and the range of services they provide should visit the company’s website. The website has a form that small and medium businesses can use to get the ERTC process started. Anyone who has questions or concerns are encouraged to get in touch with Mark Sullivan directly via email or phone. They may also use the contact portal on the website.


For more information about ERTC GOV, contact the company here:

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