Epoxy Resin Safe At ArtResin

ArtResin, based in Carrollton, Texas is proud to offer the safest epoxy resin for sale on the market. Although there are several different brands of epoxy resin available, ArtResin is the safest of the lot. Customers will always find safety related certifications prominently displayed on their products.

Professional painters, photographers, jewelry designers, hobbyists and crafters all over the world adore and depend on ArtResin epoxy resin. The resin is non-toxic and offers a stunning, glossy surface with excellent anti-yellowing protection. Two artists came up with the idea for ArtResin because they wanted to finish their artwork with a clear gloss to increase its beauty and worth, with a resin that was safe for their health.

Safe Epoxy Resin

ArtResin’s easy-to-use, premium epoxy resin is available in a range of sizes from their online store. Customers can simply measure, mix, pour and let the resin dry, allowing a piece to be completed in only four easy steps. ArtResin epoxy resin provides artwork and crafts with a glossy, modern look. It can be used to coat paintings, photographs, woodwork, tabletops etc and to create flow art, resin geodes, coasters, ornaments and many other art and decor pieces. Whether a customer is a first-time user of epoxy resin or a seasoned pro, they can check out ArtResin’s blog for valuable tips and tutorials on resin art. The company invites their community to check out their YouTube channel for more.

ArtResin epoxy resin comes in a range of sizes, from a small 8oz bottle (236ml) (ideal for a beginner’s craft project) to a 10-gallon kit (perfect for a professional artist). Customers who aren’t sure which kit to buy can use the calculator on ArtResin’s website to determine how much resin they will need for a project. ArtResin’s online store makes it easy for customers to stock up on the epoxy resin supplies they need to get creative.

The company offers free shipping on qualifying orders and a tracking number so that the customer can follow the order right to their doorstep. ArtResin has also partnered with Klarna so that US customers can get ArtResin when they need it and space out their payments over time. Klarna makes buying ArtResin a flexible process, providing an alternative to using credit and allowing US customers to split the cost of the purchase into four smaller payments over six weeks, with no interest or additional fees.

In contrast to the majority of resin brands, ArtResin produces its own epoxy resin at its facility in Dallas, Texas. ArtResin is made according to the highest standards of quality and safety, starting with the raw materials. When used as instructed, it is safe for use at home because it doesn’t contain any dangerous VOCs, BPAs or fumes. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and meets ASTM D-4236 standards. Additionally, ArtResin incorporates UV and HALS stabilizers to provide exceptional defense against UV light, which in turn reduces yellowing. Learn more here: Safety Data Sheet.

David and Rebecca Zak founded ArtResin after realizing that there were no resin products on the market that were safe to use or remained clear for the long term. The company is dedicated to producing a safe, high quality product for the wellbeing and satisfaction of their customers. Their website is a wealth of information, including how-to videos, a huge FAQ and a resin calculator tool to determine how much resin a project will require. David and Rebecca both feel that the best part of their business has been getting to know their customers and to see the work they’ve posted to Instagram, Facebook and so on.

The company has always found that better materials lead to a better product; this was the case when they were developing ArtResin, and it is equally evident in the results their customers are getting. The owners feel privileged to be involved with, and inspired by, creative folks as part of their daily lives.

To learn more about ArtResin and their products, or look up tutorials on using the resin products, artists can visit the company’s website and social media channels. They can also be contacted via phone or email for further inquiries.


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