Emergency Garage Door Repair Available In Phoenix

AZ based A Better Garage Door Company, Inc is offering a swift response to anyone who needs an emergency garage door repair in Phoenix. Malfunctioning garage doors can pose a distinct health hazard, so homeowners are advised to get in touch as soon as possible if they notice jerky motion, loud noises or other signs of damage.

A Better Garage Door Company, Inc is licensed and insured to perform garage door repairs, and the company has a reputation for providing prompt, high quality service whenever a customer requests assistance. Over the years, the company has successfully installed, performed maintenance on and repaired hundreds of garage doors (if not more), and they are accustomed to working with most makes and models of garage doors as well as garage door openers. This makes them an excellent resource for customers who want a fast, stress-free and affordable service.

The company’s maintenance and repair services include replacements for a number of components, including broken springs, frayed cables, gear kits, starting capacitors and so on. A Better Garage Door Company, Inc will strip out the broken parts and install new components where required, and the company tests their work once completed to ensure nothing has been missed. This also gives homeowners an opportunity to confirm the service is complete.

In other cases, the company may have to reset off-track or crooked garage doors, repair broken hinges, rollers and bent tracks, reprogram remotes and keyless entries and so on. A Better Garage Door Company, Inc brings all the tools and expertise they need to every visit, so customers rarely have to deal with delays (if ever). In addition to using quality parts, the company offers a warranty with all of their work, giving customers peace of mind that the job has been done right.

The company’s approach to customer service and high quality work has made them a preferred provider for many local homeowners. As Sherri G. says, “His price seemed reasonable, and worth every penny when you get the kind of integrity that you feel you're getting from this guy. They had a big job going that week, and we weren't in a rush, so Javier installed the new door on Thursday. He was also very professional, did an excellent job, and it took only a few hours.”

The review adds, “It's been a little over a week now, and I called them back out to see if an adjustment was needed because the door was sometimes creaking and groaning more than we thought it should. Javier just left here and the door was working perfectly with no undue sounds while he tested it. He lubed some of the parts anyway that may make sounds and said that if it starts making those sounds again that we should call. We're very happy with the door, and the quality of the service, from the first call to the last.”

Robert W. worked with the company on more than one occasion. In his review, he explains, “They showed up the next day after calling and did fantastic work. They have definitely extended the life of all my equipment. This is the second time I have called this company, and they were professional both times. I couldn't ask for more from a service provider.”

These reviews — and numerous others — serve to illustrate that the company takes nothing for granted. If a customer expresses concern about their garage door or the service they have received, a technician is dispatched to ensure everything is functioning as intended. In the vast majority of cases, the company says the team will find nothing wrong. However, customer service and satisfaction is paramount at A Better Garage Door Company, Inc, and they are always pleased to make a visit when requested.

Phoenix customers who are looking for an emergency garage door repair service are welcome to contact Matt Vallejos of A Better Garage Door Company, Inc to schedule a quick visit. The company also provides garage door installers in Mesa and other areas. Interested parties may get in touch via phone or email.


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