Emerald Isle Health & Recovery Explains Importance of Chronic Relapse Treatment Centers

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Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which is based in Sun City, AZ, wants to emphasize the importance of chronic relapse treatment centers. These facilities are focused on preventing future relapses, which requires a bit of a switch from the usual focus on recovery. In relation to this, they have also released an article on treating addiction by using brainspotting, which is a recent development in psychotherapy that makes use of the inherent link between the brain and body. And finally, they have also published a guide that explains how to help an alcoholic spouse who is in denial.

Studies have shown that the number of relapses experienced by a particular individual in recovery will vary over a broad range. Some people never relapse after quitting alcohol or drugs but at the other end of the spectrum are people who may relapse as many as 100 times. Fortunately, very few of those who underwent treatment relapse that frequently. The majority of those who are in recovery after treatment will relapse once or twice, with some even having no relapses. But a substantial number of people may relapse five to six times and a few may relapse 20 times or more.

A man gets support in group therapy at Emerald Isle, a top choice among Arizona chronic relapse treatment centers

The possibility of relapses is a reality that has to be dealt with but there could be an insufficient focus on the importance of preventing relapses in many addiction treatment centers. Chronic relapses need to be prevented because they can have serious consequences for the individual. A chronic relapse treatment center seeks to prevent them by placing a special emphasis on helping the client avoid further relapses. Several methods are used, such as psychotherapy, medication, abstinence monitoring, and various kinds of peer support.

The question is how to find the right chronic relapse treatment center. At Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, which offers holistic rehab, they put a heavy emphasis on avoiding chronic relapses. Via their onsite program, they seek to find and treat the trauma, mental health disorders, and other aspects of each client that increase their risks of having a relapse.

Meanwhile, brainspotting for addiction is where the therapist will guide the patients into finding those places in their bodies where traumatic distress appears to be strongest. While this is being done, the patients’ eyes naturally focus on certain parts of their visual field. These are called “brain spots,” and the patients are asked to analyze the distressing feelings related to that spot. And at the end of the session, patients are again asked to evaluate the level of distress they feel with the ultimate goal of the therapy to gradually relieve the distress.

And for people whose spouses are addicted to alcohol but don’t realize it, there is a number of techniques that they can do to encourage their spouse to seek treatment. They may not work in all cases but they can increase the chances of finally convincing one’s spouse to go for treatment.

Emerald Isle Health & Recovery was launched with the goal of providing easier access to addiction treatment and recovery. Through the years, they have been continuously focused on finding innovative methods and coming up with new treatment approaches while integrating services for both mental health issues and substance abuse problems. Their creative strategy is based on customized evidence-based treatment that seeks to consider the entire person such that the provision of complete medical and clinical care to patients will enable them to achieve long term sustainable recovery. They have meticulously picked the location of their rehab facilities to allow their clients to have a high degree of privacy and to allow them to be separated those things, places, and people that may cause them to relapse.

Those who are interested in learning more about the treatment services offered by Emerald Isle Health & Recovery, including helpful information on what to do with substance addiction such as dealing with an alcoholic spouse, can contact them by telephone. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, on any day of the week.


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