Elevate Your Craft: Meisner Summer Intensive Program Offers Rigorous Training for Actors

New York, New York -

Maggie Flanigan Studio is excited to announce the upcoming Meisner Summer Intensive program, beginning on June 12th. Based on the innovative Meisner Technique, this six-week intensive training will focus on unlocking every actor's full potential and bring out their best performance.

Over six weeks, actors will immerse themselves in an engaging and supportive learning environment that challenges and pushes their limits as artists. The Meisner Summer Intensive is a professional acting program in NYC that aims to help actors realize their full potential by giving them tools they need for success in today's highly competitive industry.

Meisner Summer Intensive - Gibran Cantu Interview - Maggie Flanigan Studio

Gibran Cantu, an actor who participated in last year's summer acting intensive, had high praise for Charlie Sandlan - the studio's master teacher - as an instructor. According to Cantu, Charlie "is an outstanding educator who does not praise mediocre work," pushing his students "to see if they have what it takes to become actors - his approach is both tough and nurturing - exactly what I needed in order to unlock my true potential."

Charlie Sandlan emphasizes the importance of actors committing to serious training to achieve success. "In today's highly competitive industry, it's crucial for actors to be well-trained and versatile," Sandlan said. "Our Meisner Summer Intensive program provides a solid foundation for actors to build upon, allowing them to develop the skills necessary to excel in their craft."

Students enrolled in the Meisner Summer Intensive program will explore many facets of Meisner Technique, from emotional preparation, scene work and character development to authenticity and truthfulness in performance. Actors will learn to connect with their emotions and instincts in order to produce raw and powerful performances that resonate with audiences.

By attending Maggie Flanigan Studio's Meisner Summer Acting Intensive, actors invest in their future success by developing invaluable skills and experiences. This extraordinary program offers actors serious about honing their craft and taking their careers forward an invaluable chance.

To learn more and apply, visit Maggie Flanigan Studio's website (www.maggieflaniganstudio.com/new-york-ny).

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Maggie Flanigan Studio is a premier acting studio in New York City, dedicated to offering comprehensive training for actors of all levels. Based on the principles of Meisner Technique, this comprehensive training studio offers classes and programs aimed at helping actors improve their acting skills and realize success within the industry.


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