Eastern Iowa Insulation Contractors iFOAM Insulation Receive 5-Star Reviews for Their Spray Foam Insulation Services in Hiawatha

iFOAM of Eastern Iowa is offering a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial spray foam insulation services to local property owners. For more details, visit Web Site.

With one of the highest R-values out of current commercially available insulation options, spray foam strikes a balance between affordability and energy efficiency that is hard to match. The insulation material is applied as a liquid which later expands into a foam, forming an airtight seal that helps prevent air infiltration and considerably minimizes heat transfer. Homeowners can look forward to an up to 30 percent increase in energy efficiency as well as an improvement in air quality due to spray foam’s ability to block seasonal allergens and reduce the growth of mold.

Spray foam insulation solutions can be customized based on the property owner’s budget and priorities. Homeowners can choose to start with the attic and reap the immense power-saving benefits that directly lead to lower utility bills. When relying on experienced industry professionals, such as the team over at iFOAM, clients can also get a reliable estimate of how much money they will save for years to come after upgrading their home’s insulation. The company prides itself on using state-of-the-art technology and high-efficiency spray foam products to help homeowners save big for a sizeable return on investment.

iFOAM of Eastern Iowa is led by Eric Dietzenbach, an Iowa native whose fond childhood memories of working with his family on home improvement projects inculcated in him a love of all things real estate at an early age. After working in construction for many years and securing degrees and Finance and Real Estate from the University of Northern Iowa, he dove first into entrepreneurship with the iFOAM franchise, using his trade skills and math skills to serve the local community.

“Insulation, while not having high visibility, is one of the most financially sound home improvement decisions you can make,” says Eric. “Sure, you can go for the flashy interior décor to refurnish your home, but proper long-lasting insulation saves you money in the long term. It is one of the easiest decisions you can make to spend your hard-earned dollars to invest in your future and build cash flow. iFOAM’s extensive industry experience and premium quality foam products make it the perfect partner to make that happen. To find out more about iFOAM’s nationwide services, visit Company Website.”

Residents in Hiawatha have given iFOAM Insulation their seal of approval through several 5-star reviews where they talk about the friendliness and work quality of the company’s technicians, helpful and responsive customer service, and affordable pricing. On its Google Business Profile, the company boasts an impressive overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 from 10 reviews.

A recent review thanks Kyle and his team by saying, “Great company, easy to work with. Timely and accurate quote. More importantly, above all else is that they are honest, and their customer service is top-notch. I will be recommending them to everyone! Big shout out to Kyle, thank you!”

Another review talks about iFOAM’s work on a century-old home by saying, “Wow! We had a fantastic experience with iFOAM. They showed up as soon as we contacted them for an estimate. Their technicians were amazing. They worked so hard for us, going way above and beyond to install closed-cell foam in several places in our 1893 farmhouse. This was a challenging job and they really nailed it. The owner sent as many of his trucks and courteous, ambitious employees as were needed for each day's work. This is a super company!”

iFOAM of Eastern Iowa serves property owners in Hiawatha, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Decorah, Iowa City, Marion, Muscatine, North Liberty, Waterloo, Waverly, and surrounding areas. The range of spray foam insulation services offered by iFOAM includes residential retrofitting, insulation removal, air sealing, crawl space insulation, new constructions, blown-in attic insulation, and more.

Readers can contact iFOAM of Eastern Iowa at (319) 318-6163 or make an in-person visit at this address to inquire about the company’s insulation services.


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