EarlyBirds Is Enabling Early Adopters and Innovators to Achieve a Competitive Advantage

EarlyBirds, an innovation ecosystem with services, is espousing the benefits of early technological adoption for businesses. For business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who want to find out more, the company provides a thorough breakdown of its services at earlybirds.io.

The advantage offered by being the first mover in a promising technological domain is known to all entrepreneurs. Microsoft’s introduction of MS-DOS for powering the microcomputers of the 1980s is one of the key moments in its history that made it the juggernaut it is today. This even translates to a smaller scale. The very first software developers who recognized the potential reach and longevity of Apple’s App store enjoyed massive success as they had to face much sparser competition. To add perspective, today more than 4000 apps are released to the Google Play store every day. Moreover, according to recent statistics from Gartner, less than 0.01% of all consumer-mobile apps today reach financial success.

Though these avenues of customer acquisition have reached maturity, the race is on to be the first mover on a host of other technological fronts. AI is one such prime growth driver for the future. Companies and startup founders are working hard to incorporate the analytical and raw computing benefits of AI software and hardware to disrupt existing grandfathered industries. For example, Innovaccer harnessed the power of AI to deliver more efficient and effective healthcare following the 2020 pandemic and made its way to a $3.2 billion valuation in December 2021.

EarlyBirds cofounder and CEO Kris Poria talks about the importance of moving fast by saying, “Organizations with an early adopter approach can achieve an advantage over competitors and advance further in their industry by using innovation to achieve an edge. This can be included in your strategic planning process or be applied to help improve productivity, reduce costs, and become more efficient and effective. It is an immeasurably valuable asset that can make or break your business and put you at the forefront of your target consumer’s mind.”

EarlyBirds defines Early Adopters as leaders and influencers, either in an industry or within an organization, who understand the value of innovation and have a strong desire to identify new and disruptive innovations to seize opportunities, solve challenges, or create new products and services. Though the term “early adopters” is commonly used in the consumer technology space, it is also applicable to organizations that are willing to adapt to a changing market. Businesses that want to remain on the cutting edge of the advancements in their industry can sign up as Early Adopters on EarlyBirds’ website at https://earlybirds.io/en/early_adopter.

Jeff Penrose, EarlyBirds’ other cofounder and COO talks about how innovations can be used to gain a competitive advantage by saying, “Innovation doesn’t always mean the same thing for everyone. It can be incremental, to steadily supply the market’s demands by refining existing products and services. Sometimes, the innovations can be under the hood, such as manufacturing and process innovations that don’t directly show up in the end product but allow the business to secure higher profit margins and cut costs. Occasionally, some innovations come along that are disruptive. They completely change what consumers expect from companies and upend industries almost overnight. The most recent example of this is how the latest natural language models, such as ChatGPT, are threatening the monopoly that Google has on internet searches.”

EarlyBirds is enabling businesses to get a competitive edge with innovation through its award-winning open global innovation platform and proven services. EarlyBirds has the experience and ability to help organizations create the foundation for building an ongoing capability edge by accessing, analyzing, and using innovation to scale their capabilities. At a strategic level, this includes creating innovation maps of industry domains and emerging technology areas to gain quick tactical insights for testing and trailing new capabilities. Some of the expected business outcomes include greater industry capability insights, solving wicked problems, increasing the pace of adoption, addressing supply chain resistance challenges, and many more.

Startups who have created promising solutions in need of funding can sign up on the EarlyBirds platform as Innovators at https://earlybirds.io/en/innovator.


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