Dumpster Rental Service Stands Ready To Assist Spring Cleaning Efforts

Conroe, TX based XGF Dumpster Rental is reminding their community that the company’s services are currently available for homeowners who wish to carry out a spring cleaning in the coming weeks. Fast, convenient and affordable, XGF Dumpster Rental gives customers easy access to the exact type of dumpster they need for virtually all types of junk and trash. Learn more here: https://www.xgfdumpsterrental.com/.

“Our service is defined by two primary factors,” the company states. “Customers come back to us time and time again because they know we deliver both top quality dumpsters as well as an unparalleled degree of customer service. No matter what kind of project you are working on, we have a dumpster that will meet your requirements. Furthermore, our team is always standing by to make your rental experience as smooth as possible.”

XGF Dumpster Rental

One way in which XGF Dumpster Rentals has simplified the rental process is to limit the variety of dumpsters a customer has to choose from. At the moment, the company offers a 15-yard dumpster and a 21-yard dumpster. While the difference may not seem that large, the company points out that the volume of each is what matters, and the larger dumpster can hold a great deal more junk than its smaller sibling. Each can be rented for up to seven days, though customers can make use of the company’s extended period pricing if necessary ($20 per extra day). Similarly, customers need not be concerned that the company will refuse to retrieve a dumpster if they exceed the allotted weight limit. For a fee (calculated by the ton), XGF Dumpster Rental will still be able to remove the dumpster and all the junk it contains in a prompt fashion.

While the company primarily serves residences and businesses in Conroe, TX, they assure their community that they are often willing to travel to the surrounding areas as well. A full map of their service coverage can be found on the company’s website. Alternatively, customers may reach out to the company’s representatives directly to check whether their location is covered. See more here: https://www.facebook.com/XGF-Dumpster-Rental-102980622173745.

XGF Dumpster Rental is always eager to hear back from their customers. While feedback generally has the effect of helping a company determine what aspect of their services needs improvement, XGF Dumpster Rental adds that their team simply likes to engage with their community on a personal basis wherever possible, and reviews are an excellent form of indirect communication.

For instance, Ariana E. shares in their review that the company was, “Punctual, and the booking process was very easy. Was very communicative about space and placement of the bin. 10/10, would recommend.”

In their response to this customer, the company says, “We’re happy to work with you and appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review! Thank you for your business.” XGF Dumpster Rental considers it a privilege to serve their community in every capacity possible, and they appreciate the opportunity to follow up. Customers are welcome to visit the following link to leave their own reviews or look up other details about the company: https://www.google.com/maps?cid=7519672218528963245.

Their commitment to customer service also means that anyone can have all their concerns addressed by simply calling the company’s representatives directly. For instance, some may be worried that the dumpster they wish to rent will not fit on their property, or that the team will not be able to maneuver it into place. XGF Dumpster Rental is familiar with such situations, and their representatives will always be pleased to have a frank discussion regarding all available options when a customer gets in touch. Upon learning of the customer’s project and other specifications, they may recommend a certain dumpster and offer advice on placement if necessary.

In most cases, the customer need not be too concerned. XGF Dumpster Removal will handle the logistics of getting the dumpster to an appropriate location. They will take the same practical approach when the time comes to remove the dumpster and its content as well. Since a thorough spring cleaning can also mean that a great variety of objects will be removed in the process, the company asserts that customers may feel free to throw away any item they wish. The company is able to haul away refrigerators, hot tubs, televisions, furniture and much more.

Customers may schedule their next dumpster rental via the official XGF Dumpster Rental website. They may also contact Jaycee Chapman of XGF Dumpster Rental to follow up on any further inquiries.


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