Dry Star Restoration Offers Water Damage Repairs In Phoenix

Mesa, Arizona -

Dry Star Restoration, a company based in Mesa, AZ, is pleased to announce that they are offering water damage repairs in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Their team of water extraction experts are always ready 24/7 such that when a disaster strikes, they can respond quickly to mitigate the damage caused by water on the property. They will not only fix the original issue but they will also ensure that every affected part of the property will be professionally cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized.

Richard Appel, owner of Dry Star Restoration, says, “The top priorities for the water mitigation services of ours are safety, exceptional customer service, and quality. If you have flood damage of any type, our expertly trained and certified water damage cleanup gurus can effectively and rapidly resolve the issue on short notice. Specific moisture detecting tools are used to determine where the water has migrated. All of these areas are addressed and properly dried as well. Any structural damage is repaired or replaced. Great care and up to date techniques are used to prevent damage from warping, swelling, buckling and delaminating. Due to our timeliness and professionalism, odors, mold, and other health issues will be prevented or eliminated.”

Water damage may occur in a house or property because of various reasons. Rivers can overflow and cause flooding, pipes in the home can break, or toilets can crack. Water damage resulting from sewage backup or a rising river is worse because of the dirty water. The professional water damage contractors from Dry Star will examine the source of the water before deciding on the appropriate action to take. In most cases, working quickly is vital because the longer the fabrics, infrastructure, and valuable belongings are soaked in water, especially when the water is dirty, it may result in those items getting damaged beyond repair.

There is also the potential problem of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew thrive in damp places, which is why they are likely to grow in water damaged parts of the home or property. This is why it is essential to perform the water damage mitigation as quickly as possible. The water damage experts from Dry Star Restoration will start working on drying affected areas as quickly as possible to ensure that mold and mildew will not have a chance to grow inside the home.

Specifically, the flooring and drywall will be inspected closely. If dirty water is able to get into the pore spaces of these materials, it will be more difficult for them to dry out and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. The water damage experts will quickly evaluate these parts of the home and do their best to get them dried fast. This will also increase the chances of salvaging these parts of the home and allow the homeowner to save a significant amount of money.

Carpets and rugs will also need to be checked if they need to be replaced. Oftentimes, rugs and carpets will simply be replaced, particularly if they are waterlogged. Since they tend to hold on to odors much more easily, it makes more sense to remove them and replace them with new ones if they have been soaked in dirty water. On the other hand, if they got soaked in clean water, it may be possible to simply to get them dried and reuse them.

Founded in 2012, Dry Star Restoration has evolved into a leading provider of water and fire damage restoration in Arizona. They are a family-owned comprehensive service water damage restoration company that promise to offer the best possible service in restoring the home or business to its original state before the disastrous event. Their certified professionals have become well-known for being very responsive and having the appropriate knowledge and experience on mitigation that is essential in minimizing the disruption caused by a catastrophic event, such as a flooding or fire. Their service area includes: Fountain Hills, Chandler, Apache Junction, Gilbert, Higley, Glendale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Gold Canyon, Peoria, Rio Verde, Phoenix, Scottsdale, San Tan Valley, Queen Creek, Tortilla Flat, and Tempe.

Those who require water damage restoration in Mesa can check out the Dry Star Restoration website, call them on the phone, or contact them through email. They are open 24 hours a day, at any day of the week.


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