Drug Rehab Center In Colorado Ready To Assist Everyone Struggling With Crack Addiction

Aurora, Colorado -

Aurora, CO based Pathfinders Recovery Center (Colorado) is inviting local residents to engage their team’s rehab services if they are struggling with crack addiction in Colorado. Pathfinders Recovery Center is dedicated to providing affordable client-focused care for substance use and co-occurring disorders.

As Pathfinders Recovery Center explains, despite the more publicized rise of opioids and meth, crack addiction remains all too common in Colorado and throughout the United States. It is a problem many people face, and it is made all the worse by the fact that cocaine is one of the most prevalent and potentially dangerous illicit drugs, in any of its forms. Crack cocaine, however, is particularly dangerous as it involves mixing cocaine with substances like baking soda and water or with ammonia.

Pathfinders Recovery Center in Aurora CO offers premier drug rehab Colorado service

This product, which can be smoked or injected— depending on the form it takes — is also more addictive than cocaine alone, in addition to being more dangerous. While both forms rewire the addicts’ brains, crack causes it to happen much faster, even as early as an individual’s first use. This in turn creates a long lasting and severely debilitating addiction that will affect the rest of their lives.

Initial use of cocaine comes with increases in energy, excitement and happiness. This is then followed by a crash. With crack use, the crash comes within about 10 minutes and can include a mood change and a decrease in energy, along with anger, paranoia and nervousness. As with every other drug, withdrawal symptoms lead to people craving more drugs to feel better, which will feed into the addiction.

Two of the most common and serious potential physical health impacts of using crack cocaine are stroke and heart attack. If people in this situation share needles, there is an additional risk of contracting HIV, AIDS and hepatitis. When combining crack cocaine with alcohol or other drugs, the risks increase. This is not including the dangers of an overdose and death. On top of the mental and physical health issues it may cause, there are other problems related to crack use. Studies have shown that crack users are at a higher risk than powdered cocaine users for reporting a lifetime arrest or multiple recent arrests, and they are less likely to have long term jobs. This lack of stability can also feed into the addiction and make things worse.

All of this means that people suffering from addiction should consider seeking treatment at a drug rehab center in Colorado. Such treatment typically starts with a medically-assisted detox. The detox will give them strength in early sobriety as they move into a comprehensive treatment plan. They can avoid relapse, damage to their health, overdose and other potential complications. Detoxing will help ease the patients’ withdrawal symptoms and cravings while the team at Pathfinders Recovery Center carefully monitors progress in their safe and comfortable facility.

The individualized addiction programs at Pathfinders address a wide variety of addictions and related complications. The rehab center is proud to share that its programs are well-rounded, based on research and addiction knowledge, both therapeutic and holistic. They offer medical, emotional and physical support and work to address each present issue, so their patients leave their facility with all their concerns resolved. The program will begin with a preliminary screening and, most likely, an assisted detox. The Pathfinders team will help the patients build a customized program that will last between 30 days to one year, depending on their needs. While at Pathfinders Recovery Center, patients will have access to a variety of therapies, support groups, family programs and more. They will build the tools and collect the knowledge they need to find long term sobriety.

As a part of their full continuum of care, Pathfinders Recovery Center offers medical detox and residential rehab in Colorado, along with all levels of care needed for top dual diagnosis and trauma treatment. They use CBT, DBT and evidence-based practices throughout, creating an individualized plan of care for each and every client who enters their facility.

Pathfinders Recovery Centers’ clinicians would like to make it known that they have helped hundreds of clients get past even the most severe cocaine dependence — and into lasting recovery. Any and all interested parties are warmly invited to inquire with their Admissions team about availability and any related concerns. Pathfinders Recovery Centers also maintains a presence on social media platforms.


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