Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Welcomes Entrepreneurs to Experience Virtual Speed Network of Influence Hosted by Manny Lopez

Findlay, Ohio -

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, The Dream Maker, CEO, TheREDCarpetConnection.com, International Publicity Agency, learned early on that connections are the superpower in making dreams come true. Fortunately, peers like Manny Lopez, "From Orphan to CEO," help create & enhance experts with unique lead generation & automation marketing strategies.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Invites Entrepreneurs to Manny Lopez's Network of Influence Speed Networking Event

Therefore, Dr. Adams-Miller is inviting guests to join Manny Lopez's virtual speed networking event “Network of Influence” by securing a seat Aug. 17 -18, 2022, from 11 am - 2 pm pacific / 2 pm - 5 pm eastern.

Register now for General Admission, regularly $97.00, for free using the *promo code: ANDREA at www.NetworkOfInfluence.com.

Or, upgrade to VIP, regularly $497.00, for only $97.00 at www.NetworkofInfluence.com with a $400.00 discount using the *promo code: ANDREA.

*Note that the promo code entry is in tiny blue font on the upper left-hand side of the Eventbrite form.

The VIP Upgrades generate more opportunities to connect deeper with speakers, coaches, authors, consultants, event producers, show hosts, & more.

In addition to the virtual speed networking, there are free valuable giveaways, mentorships, entrepreneurship, & more. Everyone has a chance to win the 🎁 confirmed giveaways. 🎁

Manny Lopez events are all about massive value & gamified engagement, so Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller is partnering with Lopez to invite more people to join in on the fun. During COVID, the relationship with others, especially regarding business success, can make or break a business. Therefore, any event bringing business owners and entrepreneurs together is a priority in her eyes.

A description of the fantastic giveaways that the entrepreneurs have a chance to take home by participating in the virtual networking event follows 1) Client Referrals: Manny has a program to guarantee referrals for high-ticket clients where attendees will take this home LIVE. 2) Mobile Apps: Take business digitally with a progressive web app to put education & resources in one place. 3) 1-on-1 Coaching: Have a chance to be coached 1-on-1 by a specialist focusing on tackling the biggest challenges in business.

Overall, there are unlimited opportunities to meet entrepreneurs that do business at this virtual event. Entrepreneurs actively looking for collaborative opportunities are perfect for speakers, coaches, authors, & consultants.

Manny Lopez and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller are passionate about pursuing a life in servitude to others. In bringing other people happiness, they have experienced that undoubtedly a person will find their happiness, too, and be able to smile and share more smiles. This commonality of happiness and smiles brought them together. Therefore, Dr. Adams-Miller supports their partnership through publicity and connection by inviting others to join his events.

In opening the invitation to join the virtual networking event, Manny Lopez shares, "Always remember, you’re too blessed to be stressed." He shares that as entrepreneurs, they find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster of chaos. The blessings of connection and networking allow business owners to find support, clients, and joint venture partnerships.

A chance to give back occurs during the virtual speed networking event to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. These events are also filming dates for the gamified school, the MANNYfestation: School of Business that teaches mentorship, entrepreneurship, & faith to day one entrepreneurs.

Attend Manny Lopez's virtual speed networking event “Network of Influence” by securing a seat Aug. 17 -18, 2022, from 11 am - 2 pm pacific / 2 pm - 5 pm eastern.

Register now using the *promo code: ANDREA at www.NetworkOfInfluence.com.

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, named The Dream Maker by her high-level clients, is an Award-Winning International Publicist & Sponsorship Acquisitionist who manifests dreams bigger than ever dared possible. Just imagine how life positively shifts when messages, services, and products are known worldwide.

She shared the stage with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, and more as an energy whirlwind. She's appeared on 20/20, CNN, E! News, and over 2500 radio shows.

As a super connector and influencer, she has the authority, believability, and credibility to put a client in the limelight, set up partnerships & acquire funding.

Focused on mental performance, Dr. Andrea has earned three PhDs and holds Master's Certifications as a Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, and Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Practitioner.

She lives on an Ohio farm with her husband, Tom. With three adult daughters, Destiny, Devony, & Demiya, she loves being Glamma to Mavis, 6, and Warren, 3.

To book her for stages, workshops, radio shows, podcasts, or blogs, contact her at www.TheREDCarpetConnection.com AndreaAdamsMiller@TheREDCarpetConnection.com 419-722-6931

About Manny Lopez: A husband and father of 3, he devotes his time to creating a lifestyle of being #TooBlessedToBeStressed while managing his network of over 30,000 business professionals worldwide.

"From Orphan to CEO," he started his life as an orphaned child experiencing multiple foster home placements. He now gives back to others by helping create & enhance experts with unique lead generation & automation marketing strategies.

Furthermore, he gives back to other foster kids with the world's first free gamified school for entrepreneurship! Learn more at www.Mannyfestation.com.


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