Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Dispelled the Myths of Onboarding for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs at NFTConnect AZ

Findlay, Ohio -

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller graced the stage to discuss onboarding with cryptocurrency, NFTs, and the metaverse at the first NFTConnect conference held at Bell Bank Park, Arizona. Dr. Adams-Miller, influencer, connector, and international publicist, dispelled some of the myths of crypto. Additionally, she informed the audience how innovation could be attached to heart-centered projects.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller became involved in cryptocurrency in early 2020, right after the United States went into COVID lockdown. With the sudden halt in speaking gigs, she sought something new to connect with others. She found the connections she was seeking with http://www.Bees.social, a crypto community referring to themselves as the ''bees.''

One of the original forty-eight, Dr. Adams-Miller, says the hive has grown to the point they sold over 10K+ bee NFTs in less than twenty-four hours. Additionally, they grew regarding crypto literacy, too. The Bees dipped their toes in liquidity pools and NFT launches, finally becoming a full-fledged DAO. Bee representatives like Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller are being asked on stages, television, and radio shows to share their learnings.

Speakers included web innovators, crypto-influencers, musicians, local politicians, and various blockchain-related topic experts. Topics covered include cryptocurrency, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). Additionally, future innovations of Web 3.0 were shared with the attendees.

Other speakers included Tal Navarro, Tyler Stockfield, Austin McHenry, Becky Litvintchouck, Lucas Bean, Kim Merkel, Garnet Campbell, Ray Pepito, Alex Wagner, Zac Lubin, Cory Clay, Hugo Olivares, Shanni Suissa, Cynthia Overton, Aviva David, Soniya Ahuja, and Colin Wiebe. Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller shares onboarding tips during NFTConnect Conference

Furthermore, local Arizona politicians spoke on integrating governmental policy, application of use, and the various political definitions described as views and values. These politicians included Edward Saylor, Major General Mick McGuire, and more.

Additionally, Deanna Wheeler, a universal music artist, was the opening musical act to add to the excitement of integrating music into the digital asset NFT world. The featured act was DJ Snoopadelic (Snoop Dogg), whom DJ'd a set at the VIP party.

Furthermore, special guests included the director of 'Still Working 9 to 5,' Camile Hardman, and producers Gary and Larry Lane. This documentary, partnered with the original actors of 'Working 9 to 5' Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin, premiered at SXSW Sunday.

"This conference was a fast start event suitable for beginners to experts. The quality of the speakers and sponsors ranged among depth and reach. There was a sense of pride to have this opportunity to enlighten those that attended," said Josh Mimms, spokesperson for NFTConnect.

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, MCNLP, CNFP, CBP, & MHT, aka The Dream Maker, is an international award-winning author, international publicist, business consultant, sponsorship acquisitionist, & keynote speaker who manifests dreams bigger than ever dared to dream possible.

A whirlwind of energy, she shared the stage with leaders like Anthony Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Stedman Graham, Les Brown, and Brian Tracy. She has been seen or heard on 20/20, E News!, CNN, and over 2500 radio shows. She has the authority, credibility, & connections to put clients in the limelight, create joint ventures, set up partnerships & acquire funding.

Additionally, as the Executive Director for The Keep Smiling Movement, a 501(3)c dental and mental health organization, they save lives by inspiring smiles and creating a DOSE of HOPE that sets up people to be resilient.

She leaves behind a 50-acre Ohio farm and her husband, Tom, when she travels. She is the mom of three adult daughters, Destiny, Devony, & Demiya, and she loves being Glamma to Mavis and Warren. To book her for a stage, radio show, podcast, or magazine article, contact her at AndreaAdamsMiller@TheREDCarpetConnection.com or by phone at 419-722-6931.


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