Dispensary In Ogden Gets Set To Launch Online Ordering Facility

Calgary, AB based Dank Cannabis Dispensary is preparing a new online ordering system through their website to help Ogden customers browse their inventory and place orders. The delivery service is expected to launch in March 2022, and customers are invited to connect with the dispensary via their preferred social media platforms to suggest additional features they would like the store to implement. See a full list of the store’s products here: https://dank.ca/.

“Our goal is to match our reputation for being Calgary’s top dispensary with an outstanding and convenient delivery service,” states Dank Cannabis Dispensary. “Our customers already know that they can approach our knowledgeable staff for everything they need, and this service is particularly useful for those trying such products for the first time or who want to branch out from their usual items and try something new. However, a sizeable number of our customers simply stop by to pick up a regular order. For them, and for anyone else who knows what they want, a delivery service that can be engaged through our website would make the whole process much more convenient.”

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Ogden, Calgary

The store acknowledges that many customers are also choosing to stay indoors and maintain social distancing as a result of the pandemic. With an online ordering system, they would no longer have to make the choice between compromising their safety and foregoing their favorite cannabis products altogether.

The Calgary dispensary in Ogden offers all manner of flower, pre-rolls, vaporizers, edibles and virtually every other kind of cannabis product imaginable. While most who are unfamiliar with the field may expect these items to be on their shelves, the store recommends that they give the other items a look as well. For instance, customers who prefer not to smoke or indulge in the psychoactive effects of THC are advised to give CBD oil a try. The store also offers body creams, bath bombs and so on that each have a different effect.

Another series of products that would be more accessible through the store’s upcoming online ordering platform are their hoodies, caps and other merch. Dank Cannabis Dispensary has many loyal customers who are eager to show their appreciation of the store’s commitment to furthering the cannabis industry and raising awareness of what its products are capable of. Once the new system goes live, they will be able to order clothing that expresses this as well.

Dank Cannabis Dispensary clarifies that the customer experience in-store will not change at all once the online ordering system is up and running. They explain that many customers still like to drop by from time to time simply because they like browsing the store’s offerings in person and having open discussions with their staff. Dank Cannabis Dispensary is always looking to foster a community spirit centered on cannabis products, and they have taken many steps to make their premises a great venue for this express purpose.

As Carrie C. says in their top-rated Google review, the store offers a, “Great selection, prices, and what a crazy cool store design! If you haven't been by here, this is the Cold Garden of Calgary Cannabis! Not your cookie cutter kind of place. The team has tons of knowledge and always makes great recommendations for me!”

Another customer shares that they were delighted to discover how much the store has to offer in terms of an in-person experience. Greg C. says, “I was looking for CBD oil near me and found one of the coolest cannabis Calgary stores around, they even have this really amazing arcade game that helps with suggestions if you want to play around with it. Really great variety of cannabis products and accessories. The budtender was very helpful and their price was very affordable. The menus are super easy to navigate and even display the terpenes. Big thumbs up to this weed store, a great addition to the Ogden, Riverbend, Quarry Park, Douglasdale and surrounding area!”

Dank Cannabis Dispensary reassures potential customers that while there are certain restrictions (such as the customer’s age), cannabis is legal in Calgary, and Dank Cannabis Dispensary ensures all protocols are respected while operating in accordance with the provincial regulations. If they would like to learn more about this or any other subject related to cannabis products in Calgary, they are welcome to visit the store for a chat with one of Dank Cannabis Dispensary’s budtenders.


For more information about Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Ogden, Calgary, AB, contact the company here:

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