Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Ogden, AB Offering Delivery Starting March 8th

Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Ogden, Calgary, Alberta is launching a new online ordering system in anticipation of licensed cannabis retailers in Alberta being allowed to start online sales and delivery starting March 8th of this year. Cannabis is legal in Canada and has been since 2018 when it was legalized nationwide.

Previously, online cannabis sales in Alberta have been limited to an online store run by Alberta’s cannabis regulator, but this model is being changed after Alberta’s recent push to minimize red tape in government processes, improve access to government services, and encourage job creation so more Albertans can get back to work after the ongoing pandemic caused waves of job losses. One part of this initiative moving the online cannabis sales business from the hands of the regulator to the hands of the over 700 licensed cannabis retailers already selling cannabis in Alberta. Many cannabis retailers, including Dank Cannabis Dispensary, are preparing for the change by setting up their e-commerce platforms and organizing drivers to deliver orders that come in to the neighborhoods near their stores. Along with a new online ordering system, Dank Cannabis Dispensary will be launching a brand new website with a greatly improved experience for consumers looking for the best menu of expertly curated cannabis products. All of this will be available on their website at https://dank.ca/

Ogden Dispensary

The online store for Dank Cannabis Dispensary has a full range of products to meet anyone’s needs, whether they’re a cannabis connoisseur or a beginning weed user looking for something to try for the first time. This means they have a variety of cannabis flower, for the traditional smokers as well as people who want to make their own tinctures and edibles. They sell pre-rolled joints for a convenient, hassle free smoking experience, as well as vaping products and concentrates for customers looking to inhale something smoother and potentially stronger. Concentrates, such as dab wax and hash, have been popular forms of cannabis consumption for a very long time, and Dank Cannabis Dispensary has a variety of strains and forms available, so they can cater to anyone’s taste in cannabis products. They also have edibles and drinks available for people who prefer to ingest rather than inhale their high, and CBD products available for anyone who wants relief and relaxation of cannabis use without getting high at all. Finally, they sell all the necessary accessories for using their products, seeds for those interested in growing their own cannabis, and a selection of creams and oils meant for topical application. Dank Cannabis Dispensary strives to be the best cannabis dispensary in Canada, so they keep a wide variety of quality products in stock to be sure they have something for everyone.

Starting March 8th, customers will be able to place orders for delivery through Dank Cannabis Dispensary’s website for prompt delivery in Ogden and the surrounding area, and next day delivery delivery throughout all of Alberta. Until then, customers who want to experience Dank’s selection of cannabis products can visit one of their locations in Ogden or Dover in person to browse their entire selection of products and chat with their knowledgeable and friendly budtenders, or Danktenders, who can offer recommendations and expert guidance on safe cannabis use. The stores also offer arcade-style self-service kiosks for customers who want a fast and efficient shopping experience on their own. Finally, until delivery is available, customers can order from Dank Cannabis Dispensary online through their online store and pick up the goods at their nearest location, whether that is the Ogden store, the Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Dover, or their upcoming location in Parkdale, opening sometime in 2022.

Anyone interested in purchasing products from Dank Cannabis Dispensary, learning more about cannabis use, or browsing the cannabis dispensary’s selection of branded merchandise can visit their website or one of their stores to find out more. Dank Cannabis Dispensary in Ogden, Calgary, Alberta will have delivery for online sales available March 8th, 2022.


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