Dan Hollings Offers Course to Help Investors Avoid the Negative Impact of the Crypto Roller Coaster

Bizzically, which is based in Santa Monica, CA, is happy to announce that enrollment is currently open for Dan Hollings’ course, known as The Plan, which teaches participants on how to use automations to gain daily profits from crypto and is made up of six modules. Registration for this course will close on May 17, 2022 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. Dan Hollings has pointed out that the reason why most crypto investors lose money is that the crypto market acts like a roller coaster, which means that it rises rapidly and also declines quickly, more than any other asset class. Most investors will try to predict which coins will go up and which will go down but making the wrong prediction can lead to a loss of money.

The system that Dan Hollings has been using is an automated, crypto-trading artificial intelligence (AI) bot that performs hundreds of trades, sometimes even thousands, almost every day for him. This system has provided him with passive income whether the crypto market goes up, sideways, or down. The system has been proven not only to work for Dan but also for more than 16,000 students from 130 countries.

The first module of The Plan provides an overview of crypto and the approach used by Dan Hollings. Other things to be learned from Module 1 include: why the goal is to produce daily revenue with minimal effort and maximum safety; the four core strategies to generate crypto wealth; what coins are popular HODL coins and why; the three-circled concept to help manage risk; the Strategy-HODL-Reserve approach to crypto capital; why “do nothing” is the strategy to use nearly all the time once the crypto automations are finally running.

Module 2 will talk about the HODL bot, the step-by-step process in setting up the bot, and the 20-30-50 approach to capital risk management. Module 3 will focus on stable coins, exchanges, and standard coin bots. Module 4 will continue the discussion on standard coin bots, which will include the bot setting for that “sweet spot” to optimize the chances of getting the most wiggle profits from the bots. Module 5 will be about crypto savings vaults and how they should be used as part of one’s portfolio. And finally, Module 6 is about closing bots and bot regridding. This will include why one should never be too quick in closing a bot because it can still wiggle out some cash flow profits, whether the coin increases or increases in value.

They want to emphasize, however, that the results of the strategy have been based only on the experiences of a relatively few number of people. And the information provided in the course should not be regarded as financial, investment, or any other type of advice. A certain individual’s experience may be influenced by their education, invested capital, experience, and background, including external factors that cannot be controlled by the individual. It’s really not possible to determine the actual results for specific people but the average returns tend to be moderate. A certain person’s returns, if any, will rise or fall and it is a good idea not to expect too much. Expectations have to be tempered as any kind of investment always has some risks.

Dan Hollings’ authority emanates from his having run more than 10,000 crypto automations during the past 49 months. During that time, he has already put over $5 million worth of crypto through the markets and is therefore really knows how it works. He has already tested his strategies with different people in about 130 countries in both bear and bull markets and he has been able to show that he has a functioning crypto plan and now wants to share his approach to others.


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